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Help Change Lives at MUIH

The very act of giving begins a cycle that creates abundance on every level – both for the giver and the receiver.When you give, you invest in our collective preferred future – a future where there are myriad healthcare choices for all, where body, mind, and spirit are honored, and where relationships are acknowledged as critical to the healing experience. This is the foundational work of Maryland University of Integrative Health.

How can you help?

  1. Spread the word about MUIH with anyone and everyone you think would be interested in hearing about our vision. We've seen time and time again the power of building partnerships among people connected within our community’s own network.

  2. Connect the leaders at MUIH with your network. We often find that there are very few degrees of separation between you and someone with the means and passion to help. You might be able to arrange for a conversation of possibilities. Exploration without expectation is always welcomed!

  3. Give a gift that will help us to deliver on our promise to our students, to our nation, and to the world. With your support, we’ll be able grow and deepen our academic programs, expand our clinical services, prepare more integrative healthcare providers and leaders, and, in turn, impact countless lives for the better. Donate online or use this form to make your donation.

  4. Build a lasting legacy through a planned gift or naming opportunity. Your generosity will perpetuate your support of MUIH for years to come and have a long-lasting influence on our future.

  5. Contact Cheryl Walker Shapero at development@muih.edu or 410-888-9048 ext. 6695 to talk about your ideas and your plans.

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