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Professional Opportunities for Alumni

You may find a very good match.

Alumni and Students

MUIH is pleased to announce job postings and office-space rentals provided by off-campus employers for alumni and students. Our listings are updated regularly with new positions from a variety of businesses and organizations, and we encourage you to visit our website often.*


We offer employers from large and small businesses, government, and non-profit organizations complimentary postings for full-time or part-time jobs, internships, or office rentals. Submissions are posted as soon as possible after receipt. If you would like to post a job or advertise office space for rent, please complete our online submission form. We review every opportunity to insure it is appropriate for our website, students, and alumni. Please use the submission form to submit your opportunity for consideration.

If you have any questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Note: We do not endorse or validate any employer and urge alumni and students to thoroughly research each employment or office rental opportunity. Interested candidates should request business references for unknown organizations before interviewing or exploring job opportunities. MUIH reserves the right to modify this policy as needed. (Adopted: September 2, 2010)

External Job Postings (listed by post date)

Job Type Location Post Date Post Until
Acupuncture Hershey, PA 11/01/2017 02/01/2018
Acupuncture Burtonsville, MD 11/01/2017 02/01/2018
Acupuncture Philadelphia, PA 11/09/2017 02/09/2018
Acupuncture Mt. Washington, MD 11/16/2017 02/16/2018
Acupuncture Gaithersburg, MD 11/21/2017 02/21/2018
Nutrition State College, PA 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Other Columbia, MD 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Acupuncture Baltimore, MD 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Nutrition Gaithersburg, MD 12/04/2017 03/04/2018
Herbal Medicine Frederick, MD 12/04/2017 03/04/2018
Other College Park, MD 12/04/2017 03/04/2018
Acupuncture College Park, MD 12/04/2017 03/04/2018
Acupuncture Washington, DC 12/06/2017 03/06/2018
Nutrition Monticello, NY 12/20/2017 03/20/2018
Yoga Monticello, NY 12/20/2017 03/20/2018
Acupuncture Monticello, NY 12/20/2017 03/20/2018
Acupuncture Washington, DC 12/20/2017 03/20/2018
Acupuncture Towson, MD 12/22/2017 03/22/2018
Acupuncture Poulsbo, WA 01/02/2018 04/02/2018
Acupuncture Annapolis/Columbia, MD 01/10/2018 04/10/2018
Yoga Gaithersburg, MD 01/10/2018 04/10/2018
Acupuncture Gaithersburg, MD 01/10/2018 04/10/2018
Acupuncture Washington, DC 01/10/2018 04/10/2018
Acupuncture Long Branch, NJ 01/16/2018 04/16/2018
Herbal Medicine Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma 01/16/2018 04/16/2018
Other Baltimore, MD 01/16/2018 04/16/2018
Acupuncture Baltimore, MD 01/17/2018 04/17/2018
Acupuncture Richmond, VA 01/23/2018 04/23/2018

To view employment opportunities at MUIH, click here.


Off-Campus Office Space Rentals (listed by post date)

Space Type Location Post Date Post Until
Multidisciplinary Washington, DC 10/26/2017 01/26/2018
Multidisciplinary Baltimore, MD 11/01/2017 02/01/2018
Multidisciplinary Rockville, MD 11/03/2017 02/03/2018
Multidisciplinary Columbia, MD 11/21/2017 02/21/2018
Multidisciplinary Catonsville, MD 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Multidisciplinary Baltimore, MD 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Multidisciplinary Lewes, DE 11/28/2017 02/28/2018
Multidisciplinary Pasadena/Annapoils, MD 12/06/2017 03/06/2018
Acupuncture Glen Burnie, MD 01/16/2018 04/16/2018