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Clinic Personnel

Let the journey begin.

Maryland University of Integrative Health is dedicated to serving individuals who seek to learn the art of caring for themselves and each other in the course of life's journey. Through the Natural Care Center and throughout our Baltimore/Washington region clinical network, we offer more than 30 years of experience in delivering relationship-centered care in integrative medicine and healing arts. Since our beginning, MUIH practitioners have seen over 30,000 individuals and performed over 200,000 treatments.

We are pleased to offer the experience and healing presence of our staff and affiliated practitioners at the Natural Care Center.  To schedule an appointment, please call the Natural Care Center at 410-888-9048 ext. 6614 or send an email.


Naturopathic Doctors 

Deneb Falabella

Autumn Frandsen, N.D. is a board certified naturopathic doctor who received her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine with high honors from the University of Bridgeport. She began her collegiate career at Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a B.S. in Biology with a pre-med concentration. Her graduate study includes Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Bridgeport where she was trained in nutritional medicine, homeopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, physical medicine, botanical medicine, and counseling. Her post-graduate experience includes ART (autonomic response therapy) certification through the Klinghardt Academy.

Dr. Frandsen has extensive experience in treating autoimmune conditions, thyroid conditions, chronic Lyme disease, mood disorders, obesity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, and dermatological conditions. She treats infants, children, adults, and our geriatric population by offering the most gentle and natural options first. Some modalities she uses include: Chinese medicine, homeopathy, herbal remedies, nutritional  and lifestyle modifications. She is well versed on many therapeutic diets and is a certified ART practitioner. Specializing in allergy desensitization and treatment, she offers a variety of testing. She uses antigen therapy to desensitize patients to environmental allergens such as molds, animals, pollens, and inhalants as well as chemicals and foods.

Acupuncture Practitioners

Deneb Falabella

Deneb A. Falabella, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), is Associate Vice President for Student Teaching Clinic at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She previously served as Associate Director of MUIH’s Master of Acupuncture program from 2006 through 2011, and she has been affiliated with the university since 1999. Her former roles have included serving as a clinical supervisor and teaching as an assistant faculty member.

Ms. Falabella holds a certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine; retains Diplomate status in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM); is recognized as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist by the National Association of Detoxification Acupuncture (NADA); and maintains a part-time acupuncture practice at MUIH’s Natural Care Center. She also currently serves as chair of the Maryland State Board of Acupuncture and enjoys being engaged in the community and offering her experience and leadership in the profession.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Muhlenberg College and a Master of Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now MUIH).

Charlotte Kerr

Charlotte R. Kerr, R.S.M., R.N., B.S.N., M.P.H., M.Ac.(UK), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), has more than 30 years’ experience in healthcare as a nurse, assistant professor of nursing, consultant in public health, and practitioner and faculty member at MUIH. She has served on the Governor’s Acupuncture Advisory Council for Maryland, the Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health Alternative Medicine Program, and the White House Commission on Complementary Medicine. She now serves on the advisory board of the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University, and was identified as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record. 

Craig Kerr

Craig Kerr, B.A., M.Ac., L.Ac., NADA Certified, is a graduate and adjunct faculty member of MUIH. An FAA certified flight instructor for over 35 years, he was led to the practice of acupuncture after an aircraft accident that changed his direction in life. Prior to studying acupuncture, he spent over 40 years in business, specializing in support services for individuals with developmental disabilities, business development, human resources and management. 

Kaiya Larson

Kaiya Larson, B.A., M.Ac., L.Ac., received her Master of Acupuncture degree from Tai Sophia Institute (now MUIH), where she is an Assistant Professor. Prior to studying acupuncture, she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and worked with underprivileged children and nonprofit institutions, teaching them to make videos to air on cable access channels. A mother of three and an artist, she provides a nurturing presence and a deep passion for the amazing art of acupuncture. 

S. Hunter Thompson

S. Hunter Thompson, B.A., M.A., M.Ac., L.Ac., NADA Certified, is a graduate of the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now MUIH). He is an adjunct faculty member at MUIH, and is the chief operating officer at Your Prescription for Health. Prior to studying acupuncture, he worked with mentally challenged individuals. Thompson is the author of two books on history and philosophy. He has practiced martial arts since 1985 and holds a third degree black belt.

Rose Truby-Scharff Rose Truby-Scharff, L.Ac., M.A., has more than 14 years of experience as a licensed acupuncturist. She currently serves as an acupuncture practitioner at MUIH’s Natural Care Center and Mercy Medical Center, where she uses her primary training in acupuncture oncology from the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Ms. Truby-Scharff received a Master of Acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute (now MUIH). Additionally, she has received extensive training in other areas of acupuncture treatment, including auricular addictions; clinical issues of pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum; and the energetics of food and nutrition. Before becoming a licensed acupuncturist, Ms. Truby-Scharff graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the College of Wooster, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in psychology and studio art.