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Fees & Insurance

Please see the chart below for team and private care fees. Insurance coverage for team and private care services at the Natural Care Center is dependent upon the terms and conditions of clients’ insurance or reimbursement plans. It is our policy that clients file directly with their insurance carriers for reimbursement. We will provide a receipt for submission with claims. If you plan to seek reimbursement for care, we suggest you discuss this with your Natural Care Center team or private care provider. For questions or concerns, please speak with one of our insurance specialists at 410-888-9048 ext. 6631.

Natural Care Center Services

Affordable holistic care is within your reach.


  Team Care Private Care


  Acupuncture New Patient Intake (diagnostic only) $70.00 $125.00
  Acupuncture Treatment $55.00 $85.00

Chinese Herbal Medicine

  Chinese Herbal New Patient Intake $70.00 $85.00
  Chinese Herbal Consultation $55.00 $85.00
  New Patient Intake + Acupuncture $75.00  
  Chinese Herbal Consultation + Acupuncture $65.00  

  Nutritional Counseling

  Nutritional Counseling New Client Intake  $70.00 n/a
  Nutritional Counseling  $50.00 n/a

 Yoga Therapy

  Yoga Therapy New Client Intake $70.00 n/a
  Yoga Therapy Session $50.00 n/a

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call 410-888-9048 ext. 6614 or email NaturalCareCenter@muih.edu.