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Integrating Health: A Wellness Blog

Thu. April 02, 2015
Maryland University of Integrative Health is pleased to announce that Aviad Haramati, Ph.D., of Georgetown University will be its 2015 commencement speaker. Dr. Haramati has been a tremendous supporter of the work of MUIH and has been a significant contributor to the field and evolution of integrative health. Read more
Wed. March 04, 2015
“Second Take: Two Painters… Two Perspectives” features landscape paintings by Howard County residents Nancy Davis and Diane Dunn, and opens Saturday, March 21 in the Himmelfarb Gallery at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Both artists are interpreting the same local scenes from their own artistic perspective. An Artists Reception will be held on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, which is free and open to the public. Read more
Wed. March 04, 2015
Should physical therapists and chiropractors be able to use needles to treat patients? The Maryland General Assembly will hold a hearing Thursday, March 5, to hear testimony on this topic from a variety of professions and organizations. Maryland University of Integrative Health will be represented by Jeff Millison, M.Ac., L.Ac., Academic Director of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine programs, who will give testimony. Read more
Thu. February 12, 2015
In January, 287 excited new students started classes at MUIH representing the largest incoming class in the University’s history. As the field of integrative health grows rapidly, MUIH is attracting more students than almost any other integrative health school in the nation, and more passionate people than ever before are eager to study and practice our disciplines. Who are these wonderful students? Read more
Wed. February 11, 2015
Start your day with a breakfast of champions! Oatmeal is one of the best sustainable meals for breakfast. Oats have great adaptogenic properties, like helping improve the resistance to stress allowing the body to stay in balance. Read more
Mon. December 15, 2014
Boost your immunity by cooking up some tasty treats for the coming holidays using common culinary herbs and spices. Claudia Joy Wingo, herbalist and chef, shares some of her favorite recipes featuring everyday kitchen seasonings with healing qualities. Read more
Fri. December 12, 2014
“Unseen Beauty” features photographs by homeless and severely under-served individuals from the greater DC metro area, and is presented in cooperation with Art for the People. The exhibition opens Saturday, December 20 in the Himmelfarb Gallery at Maryland University of Integrative Health. An artist reception, which is free and open to the public, is scheduled for Thursday, January 22, from 5 – 7:30 p.m. Read more
Mon. December 01, 2014
Professor and Chair of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Theory Division Jane Grissmer sees great excitement as well as some challenges in the AOM programs here at MUIH, and within the larger stream of the profession. Read more
Tue. November 11, 2014
Over the past several years, MUIH has seen an exponential increase in the demand for our academic programs and for our exceptional clinical care. With more than 800 students as of September offering nearly 35,000 clinical treatments and consultations annually, our campus resources and facilities are being stretched in every direction. To meet the needs of our students and patients into the future, it’s now time for us to plan the next phases of our physical and programmatic growth. MUIH President and CEO, Frank Vitale, with members of our board of trustees and a team of architects, unveiled the University’s campus expansion plans for the next five years. Read more