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Integrating Health: A Wellness Blog

Tue. September 09, 2014
This is a perfect end of summer dessert that manages to satisfy your sweet tooth without relying on processed sugar. The pie’s creamy filling uses avocados, which are high in monounsaturated fat and can help reduce bad cholesterol levels. Read more
Tue. August 12, 2014
James Snow, interim academic director for integrative health sciences, was one of 10 researchers who developed the “WellSense Profile” – a 45-item questionnaire that measured participants’ wellness response to food across five dimensions – emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual. Read more
Tue. August 12, 2014
We interviewed Jason Bosley-Smith, winner of the President’s Award at this year’s Research Day for his research poster on using mindfulness-based stress reduction to alleviate emesis, nausea, and food aversion among cancer treatment patients. Read more
Mon. August 11, 2014
These brownies are so delicious that you’ll forget they have black beans in them! Read more
Thu. July 24, 2014
We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new alumni newsletter for graduates of our acupuncture and Oriental medicine programs! Following is an introductory note from Academic Director Jeff Millison. Read more
Tue. July 22, 2014
We are hard-wired to transform and heal traumatic experiences in the same way that it is in our nature to be overwhelmed and flooded by them. Read more
Fri. July 11, 2014
Bevin Clare, associate professor and clinical herbalism program manager, received an “Effective Practices” award at the 11th Annual Online Learning Consortium (formerly the Sloan Consortium) Blended Learning Conference and Workshop for her submission, “Student-Driven Case-Based Learning.” Read more
Mon. July 07, 2014
This flavor-packed salad makes for a light, but satisfying summer lunch or dinner side dish. Kale has the highest antioxidant value of any other fruit or vegetable, meaning its ability to protect our cells from free radical damage is second to none. Read more