Updated: August 23rd, 2023
Trimester Course Code Cost per Credit # of Credits Tuition Cost*
Fall ’23 IHED/ISCI $928/$953 26 $24,128
Spring ’24 IHED/ISCI $928/$953 3 $2,859
Elective $953** 6 $5,718
Total 35 $32,705

*Prices subject to change. Tuition costs are for illustrative purposes only.
**Calculation of elective credit based on Nutrition Course rate.


Average Credits per Trimester Typical Completion Time
6 6 Trimesters

Additional Fees

Fees Cost
Application Fee $50
Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit $150
University Fee (per trimester) $275
All students, including students taking a voluntary break in enrollment. Click here to learn more about the fee.
Late Registration Fee
After registration deadline and before start of the schedule adjustment period for current students
During the schedule adjustment period for current students
Credit Card Adjustment Fee 2.75% of amount paid by credit card
Graduation Fee $75