Resilience Reset Retreat & Custom Health Coaching Experience

Program Overview

Many employers may be missing the mark when it comes to developing well-being programs that their employees find valuable to address stress in the workplace.

The biggest drivers of employee burnout:

  • 31% lack of support from leadership
  • 30% unrealistic deadlines, results, or expectations 
  • 29% consistently working long hours or on weekends

MUIH Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) is poised to provide an effective and experiential training program to cultivate resilience and address burnout within your organization and amongst teams.

This transformational program is grounded in the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) of heath behavior change, which involves observational learning, guiding participants to consider multiple ways to change behavior; for example, targeting both knowledge and attitudes, and making a change in the environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize signs of burnout and the health and workplace implications of chronic stress
  • Discover simple strategies to effectively manage stress and to optimize productivity
  • Identify opportunities to build skills and healthy behaviors for enhanced wellbeing
  • Model best practices of leadership to cultivate a culture of wellness, prioritizing self-care
  • Explore individual and group experiential practices to build resilience   
  • Develop a personalized wellness plan to apply learned approaches into daily life
  • Practice implementation of individual goals with support of experienced health coach 

Content and exercises in this program can be customized to the industry and organization to make the training highly relevant to the participants. Group coaching sessions may be included to further explore and apply concepts to build resilience long-term. In which case, evidence-based well-being assessments may be incorporated to measure impact.  Additionally, consulting is available to organizations and teams to develop and implement effective workplace wellness structures, practices, and programming. Contact the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at for more information.

Sample Training Agenda

Setting the Stage: From Burnout to Balance

Centering/Grounding Exercise, Didactic Presentation w/ Participant Interaction & Discussion

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Presentation:
    • Stress
    • Burnout
    • Resilience

Energizing Break

Building Resilience: Presentation & Experiential Activities Session 1

Wellness Wheel, Personal Wellness Plan/Self-Care Menu, Conversations

  • Presentation:
    • Self-Care
  • Dimensions of Wellness
  • Defining Wellbeing
  • MUIH Wellness Wheel

Energizing Break

Building Resilience: Experiential Activities Session 2

Healing Presence, Gratitude Exercise, Dandelion Art, Conversations

  • Presentation:
    • Healing Presence 
    • Gratitude
    • Creative Wellness Activity
    • Mindfulness Meditation/Visioning Exercise 
  • Wrap Up & Next Steps
    • Review of Resources 
    • Joy at Work Jar Gift w/ Dandelion Tea
    • Virtual Group Coaching Sessions Preparation 

Additional Training Resources: *

  • Resilience Reset Journal
  • Health Goals Workbook
  • Self-Care Menu Handout
  • Healing Presence Action Plan & Handouts
  • MUIH Wellness Wheel
  • Miscellaneous Handouts (e.g., Vision Boarding, Gratitude Tips)
  • Wellness Resource List
  • Others TBD

Pre-Post Wellness Assessments:

  • MUIH Wellness Wheel
  • WHO Wellbeing Index
  • Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)
  • VA’s Personal Health Inventory (PHI)
  • Healthy Selfishness Scale (HSS)
  • Custom Training Evaluation Survey (Client & Participants) 
  • Optional:  Training Summary & Debrief with organizational contact

*Note: Program resources will be provided as PDFs – hard copies may be requested upon request.

Facilitated Group Coaching Sessions:

Session 1:

  • Session Overview
  • Interactive Connection Activity 
  • Presentation:
    • Retreat Concepts Review
    • Building Healthy Habits Strategies
    • SMARTI Goals Tips
    • Practice Activity & Discussions
  • Goal Setting/Individual Personal Wellness Action Plans Exercise
  • Discussion – Next Week’s Goal
  • Resources & Approaches
  • Closing – Next Steps/Session Prep
  • Gratitude Moment – Individual lens

Session 2:

  • Session Overview
  • Interactive Connection Activity 
  • Presentation: Boundaries, Essentialism, Joy at Work, Appreciative Inquiry
  • Individual Goals Recap –Reflections, Successes & Adjustments
  • Individual Action Plans – Next Week Goal
  • Gratitude Moment – Team lens
  • Closing – Next Steps/Session Prep

Session 3:

  • Session Overview
  • Interactive Connection Activity 
  • Presentation & Activity: Sharing Individual Health Goal/Intention Drafts 
  • Discussion Activity 
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Closing & Next Steps

BONUS (optional):

Added Value!  Asynchronous Virtual Team Support (e.g., Teams, Slack) to further engage participants in-between virtual coaching sessions, to include such items as a shared gratitude practice, session follow-up, Q&A, group accountability and support, bonus materials and resources and more!

Custom Training Program Implementation

As a leader in integrative health education, MUIH is uniquely positioned to offer customized workshops and training programs for your organization to foster a healthier work environment. Through a collaborative process, we will work closely with you to create a program targeted to your desired results.

A training program with MUIH is designed similar to the way we approach health prevention and treatment: with a holistic and customized approach.  Together, through a mutually beneficial partnership, we aim to create a healthier workplace and a healthier world.

Program outcomes are co-created and refined with the client during the Program Kickoff and Needs Assessment Meetings.  A custom Training Program Proposal will be provided to you to create a program that meets your unique needs, which may include the following deliverables:

  • Initial Training Consultation
  • Interactive Learning Session(s) (onsite – date, location & frequency TBD by the Client & MUIH)
  • Integrated Group Coaching Session(s) (virtual or onsite)
  • Certificates of Completion & CEUs
  • Training Materials
  • Pre-and-Post Workshop Online Learning Activities and Discussions with Participants (optional)
  • Post-Program Completion Debrief Meeting with Leadership Team
  • Post-Learning Session Evaluation Summary Report

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