The Office of Professional and Continuing Education is pleased to provide a wide variety of online offerings to advance your skills and credentials. Below is a list of our current offerings, which are continually being expanded. Stay up-to-date about our latest online offerings by signing up for our mailing list or by requesting more information directly from .

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Current Online Offerings:

A Brain Based Approach to Upgrading Human Performance Masterclass
A Functional Medicine Approach to Hypothyroidism Masterclass
Acupuncture & Lymphedema Precautions
An Integrative Approach to Nutrition for Diabetes Masterclass
Ayurveda Masterclass Package
Ayurveda: Eat Right for the Seasons
Balancing the Microbiome Masterclass Series
Communicating Scientific Evidence: Scientific Writing for Integrative Health
Communications & Collaborations in Healthcare
Endocannabinoids, Cannabis and Immunity
Evidence Informed Practice in the Ancient Healing Arts
Finding the Research for Evidence-based Practice
Foundations of Evidence-Based Research
Integrative Health Scholar Library
Integrative Nutrition for Diabetes Masterclass
An Introduction to Bacteriophage Therapy Masterclass
MUIH Lecture Series: Health Disparities
ND Track: 2018 MUIH Nutrition Symposium
Nutrition for Cancer Prevention Masterclass
Nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease
Nutrition Track: 2018 MUIH Nutrition Symposium
2018 Nutrition Symposium: Nutritional Genomics
Placebo Effects & the Therapeutic Relationship
PTSD in Client Relationships
Primary Research Evidence Appraisal
Professional Certificate – Evidence-Based Research and Informed Practice
Psychoneuroimmunology: How Thoughts Impact Disease
Secondary Research Appraisal and Applications
The Human Microbiome in Health Masterclass
The Microbiome and Cardiometabolic Disease Masterclass
The Microbiome and Mental Health Masterclass
The Philosophy & Science of Wellbeing Masterclass
Understanding Study Results
Utlizing Food & Lifestyle to Enhance the Microbiome
What is Ayurveda?

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