Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Professional Certficate of Yoga Therapy in Acute Care is the first program of its kind in the nation.

More and more healthcare institutions and agencies are coming to understand the value of true integrative practices for their patients. New research on Yoga Therapy shows the efficacy of this modality to address patient concerns with stress, anxiety and even pain management. 

This elite program, offered in partnership with Howard County Hospital, will provide you with unique experiential training to help position you in a private practice for specific populations, with an integrative health focus.  It is also beneficial for learning specific techniques in patient care at an acute hospital.


This certificate program, the first in the nation of its kind, offers the opportunity to immerse, learn and grow as a yoga therapist and provide private sessions to patients’ bedside in an acute care setting. Each day you will interact with hospital medical staff; participate in doctors’ grand rounds; and provide therapeutic yoga practices (gentle movements, breath work, meditation, and life balance practices) to patients facing various acute health challenges.

You will implement patient interview and assessment skills to determine the best plan of care to decrease symptoms, boost vitality, and restore overall balance for each patient. In addition, you will refine the process of succinct session documentation and data collection, including patient feedback to track patient outcomes.

You will be part of a supportive team of experienced supervisors and yoga therapy colleagues, all with the goal of bridging the gap between holistic treatments and allopathic modalities to increase self-awareness, self-care practices, and an overall sense of wellbeing for each patient. After each session, you will have the opportunity to reflect upon your personal experience during the process with the supervisor and gain feedback on all aspects of the session and your performance.

This certificate program will prepare you with the hands-on experience necessary to create a similar program to offer evidence-informed individualized yoga therapy in a clinical setting near you.

Post-Certificate Credentials

MUIH Professional Certificate of Completion: Yoga Therapy for Acute Care (50 hrs.)

50 IAYT CEUs – submit with IAYT

Program Objectives

  • Prepare participants to apply and refine yoga therapy skills in an acute care/active medical setting
  • Provide participants with professional development and direct experience working as s part of an integrative hospital team
  • Receive direct supervision & mentorship from experienced clinic supervisors

Proram Learning Outcomes

  • Assess patient’s at their bedside (previous medical history, current condition, and primary discomfort) within the pranamaya kosha model
  • Provide safe therapeutic yoga practices within the scope of practice including limited gentle movement, breathing practices, meditation, and relevant lifestyle modifications
  • Communicate succinctly and effectively with patients to educate and improve compliance with self-care practices
  • Work collaboratively in a hospital setting, attend doctors’ rounds, and efficiently communicate with hospital staff to improve overall patient care
  • Provide each patient with an individualized home plan of care that is effective, with consideration of their history, condition, and goals
  • Provide case reports to supervisors (patient information, integrated assessments, and plan of care rationale) to clearly and succinctly receive constructive feedback
  • Maintain patient records in a clinical setting inclusive of data collection from patients, written Yoga Therapy SOAP Notes, record of session, and patient response
  • Adhere to IAYT Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen regulations, and stipulated hospital safety precautions
  • Understand common contraindications/red flags and refer to the appropriate medical professionals, when necessary
  • Understand and apply basic clinical medical terminology regarding the most common conditions within the context of yoga therapy in a clinical setting
  • Critically review medical and yoga research to inform practices offered as well as possible related contraindications
  • Evaluate post-session patient outcomes with practical feedback and measurement techniques


*includes 800 hours of yoga therapy training inclusive of 300 hours of clinical practicum

  • Access and become acclimated with online learning for the online portions of the program
  • Complete MUIH PCE Admission Process:
    • Online Application
    • Verification of C-IAYT status or MUIH Alumni
    • Admission Requirements (listed below)

Required Text: 

Medical Terminology – A Short Course 6th Edition
by Devi-Ellen Chabner (Author)

Recommended Text: 

Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care 1st Edition

by Sat Bir Singh Khalsa (Author), Lorenzo Cohen (Author), Timothy McCall (Author), Shirley Telles (Author), M.D. Ornish Dean (Foreword)

Program Structure: Hybrid

Online Training: Online training modules must be completed by the start of the onsite practicum.

2019 Onsite Dates: October 13-18, 2019 (open to public)

Onsite Program Schedule:

Sunday, October 13, 2019
MUIH campus
Noon to 4:00 pm
Check schedule at front desk for room assignment
Introduction to the program and meet your colleagues
A box lunch is served (included in tuition)

Monday-Thursday, October 14-17, 2019
Howard County General Hospital ward 4P conference room
9:45 am Doctor’s Rounds
10:30 am to 5:00 pm Working with patients in Acute Care ward

Friday, October 18, 2019
MUIH campus
9:00 am to noon
Check schedule at front desk for room assignment
Debrief and share the week’s events
A box lunch is served (included in tuition)


  • Online via MUIH Canvas learning management system
  • Onsite instruction at Maryland University of Integrative Health Main Campus and Howard County Hospital (clinical experience)

50 Hrs. Total Program (1-week intensive onsite)

            18 hours online
            32 hours face-to-face

Program Tuition: $999 (MUIH Alumni discount); $1235 (standard rate)

*Program tuition includes 2 boxed lunches, instruction, experiential learning at Howard County General Hospital and required Bloodborne Pathogens training through MUIH.  Program tuition does not cover additional costs for background checks and immunizations, meals on your own, textbooks, transportation, or lodging accommodations.  Full Program Tuition is paid upon acceptance into the program.

Admission Requirements

Online Application:

Application Link:

All other requirements to be verified in online application portal:

  • C-IAYT Certification (or MUIH Diploma)
  • Castle Branch Background Check
  • Proof of Immunizations
    • TB Survey Status and date -or- PPD Test
    • Measles, Rubella & Varicella, or Antibody Test and date
    • Signed Hepatitis consent/decline form
    • Hepatitis B (if not declining)
    • Active Flu Shot and date
    • TDap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis)
  • HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Red Flags Training and signed HIPAA agreement
  • Verification of Personal Health Insurance 
  • Certificate of Personal Liability Insurance
  • Application Essay
  • Non-refundable application fee of $50

Application Deadline: September 13, 2019

Request Information about our next cohort, or request a custom training date for your group! Email for more information.

Maximum Enrollment:  8 participants per cohort

As this is a highly exclusive program, with only 8 available slots per cohort, we encourage early applications and completion of all admission requirement as soon as possible.  Once you have applied and completed all necessary admission requirements, your application is then reviewed and a notification of your acceptance decision is sent within 7 days.

* Note: Applicants will need 1-3 months (3 months required if opting to receive Hepatitis B vaccine) to complete all application requirements. No participants will be admitted to work with patients in the hospital without completing ALL requirements. It is the participants’ responsibility to track the completion and submittal of their application requirements.

Once accepted, you must confirm your enrollment decision, pay the full program tuition, and complete all online training, as specified by MUIH, in Canvas before the onsite session date or your spot is given to another student on the wait list.  MUIH or HCGH Identification is required for hospital entrance.

Cancellations must be received 7 days before the onsite program start date.  No refunds are issued after the start of the program.

Facilitator Bios

Julia Romano

Julia Romano is a Certified Yoga Therapist (2016) with Master’s degrees in Yoga Therapy (2015), Clinical Psychology (2013) and Conflict Management (2009). Julia is an adjunct faculty member with MUIH’s MS in Yoga Therapy program and she administers both individual and group yoga therapy in private practice.

Sharon Atteh-Chi

Sharon Atteh-Chi is an inspired, certified yoga therapist who uses the tools and techniques of yoga to help others manifest a greater sense of well-being and connection to one’s self.  Sharon has over 12 years of experience with yoga. When she is not working as a project manager, she offers yoga in her community to assist others building resilience against imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. Sharon holds a Master’s degree in Yoga Therapy from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists