Students may take a Leave of Absence (LOA) for up to one full trimester* per academic year (with no consecutive trimesters off), only after approval by the University. A student is eligible to request a LOA if they: Have completed one full trimester at MUIH; Are in good academic standing as per the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy; Are in good financial standing with the University, meaning that they have no unpaid bills for tuition and/ or fees; Are in good standing with the Library Have consulted with someone in the Financial Aid Office, if applicable Have no pending disciplinary action and Request an LOA by the deadline If a student is requesting LOA as an accommodation for a disability, the requirements above may not apply. *Note: ”One trimester” is defined as having had one full trimester off, either by requesting the LOA during the schedule adjustment period of that trimester, for a leave immediately, or by requesting LOA for a future full trimester.

Deadlines for Requesting a LOA 

A student may request a LOA for the current trimester until the end of the schedule adjustment period. Any request for LOA during the schedule 2018-2019 ACADEMIC CATALOG | Admissions Policies and Requirements 31 adjustment period of a trimester would be considered a full trimester. The student would be expected to return in the next immediate trimester. All requests made after the schedule adjustment period will be for a future trimester. All requests for immediate, emergency-related LOAs or LOAs as an accommodation for a disability that are submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Student Affairs. These requests can be submitted on the same form, to the student’s Academic Advisor. If a mid-term LOA is approved, all applicable policies including but not limited to refunds will be followed. For example, if a student is enrolled and LOA is approved after the student has completed 50% of each course, the associated refund for withdrawal from those courses at that time will be effective. Any student who is not eligible for a LOA and who desires to step out of their program must withdraw from their program and reapply later.


The process for seeking approval for a LOA is as follows: Students must submit a Leave of Absence Request Form, found at my.muih.edu under Forms & Policies/For Students, in writing to their Academic Advisor. The request must include the reason and planned return date from the LOA. The student must contact the Financial Aid Office and the Finance Department before the LOA is approved. Taking a LOA may have financial implications (for example, the student may be required to begin paying student loans during the LOA). The Financial Aid Office will inform the student who requests a LOA regarding the implications of student loan repayment as it applies to their individual federal financial aid. If the student does owe money to the University, they will be required to settle any outstanding charges before approval. Note: students requesting LOAs as accommodation for a disability should note this on the request form, as well as follow all procedures in securing accommodations through the Disability Services Policy. In the event of an emergency making it impossible for the student to submit the request to their Academic Advisor in a timely fashion, the student should call or email the Academic Advisor and follow up with a written formal request for a LOA at their earliest convenience. Once approved, the LOA will be considered effective as of the first day of the trimester in which the student is requesting leave. Students on LOA are required to adhere to the contract deadlines for submitting incomplete work.

Returning from a LOA

Upon return from a LOA, the student will remain in the curriculum in which they were originally enrolled per the Academic Catalog in effect at the time of enrollment. The student remains responsible for meeting all the academic requirements of that curriculum. The returning student will be subject to any newly established tuition and fee structures upon returning from the approved LOA. Students should note that due to the cyclical nature of course offerings, certain courses that are missed during a LOA may not be available for an extended period. This may impact the student’s ability to complete the program in an expected time frame. A LOA does not extend the timeframe for completion of program requirements. A student who fails to return after an approved LOA will be administratively withdrawn from the program and is required to reapply through the Graduate Admissions Office. Readmission is not guaranteed, except for students who are granted a LOA as a disability accommodation. Students who are re-admitted must meet all of the program requirements in effect at the time of enrollment after being re-admitted.

Non-Attendance with No Formal Request 

A student who stops attending courses at MUIH without an approved LOA and without withdrawing will receive the grades they have earned in all registered course(s) and will be withdrawn from their program and the University after one full trimester of inactivity. Students who are not enrolled in consecutive trimesters (i.e., are not registered for or taking courses towards the completion of their degree program; or are not on approved LOA; or are not finished with a degree program or are pending a graduation audit) become inactive, and will be administratively withdrawn after one trimester of inactivity.