The 2022 MUIH Research Symposium will be entirely online with both live and asynchronous components.

Important Dates

Date and Time

Event / Due Date

Nov 7, 2022, 6-7 pm ET

Abstract Writing Workshop (via Zoom, optional)

Nov 17, 2022

Deadline for presenters and volunteers to submit the INTEREST FORM

Nov 22, 2022, 12 pm ET

Abstract Writing Workshop (via Zoom, optional)

Dec 15, 2022

Abstract submissions due

Apr 3, 2023, 6:00 pm ET

Poster Workshop (optional)

Apr 27, 2023

Poster submissions due

May 8-11, 2023

Poster event (live/virtual times TBA in Jan 2023)

May 12, 2023, 4:30 pm ET

Symposium Presentations (live virtual)

Overview of the Symposium

This year’s event will be virtual to reach all faculty students, staff, alumni, and guests. The event kick-off will include engaging with poster presenters online the week of May 8- May 11, with live presentations on May 12th from 6 pm EDT. Details about the online engagement will be posted on this page closer to the event.

The 2023 event will feature:

  • An in-person and asynchronous online poster session displaying recent research from the MUIH community. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all eligible to submit abstracts and are chosen to present through a blinded peer-review process.
  • Keynote Presentation (to be announced soon!).
  • Presentation from the winner of the University’s Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award (TBD).
  • Research update from Lisa Conboy MA, MS, ScD, MUIH’s Chair of Integrative Health Research.
  • Awards for student and faculty poster presentations.

Presenting a poster gives you the opportunity to:

  • Share your knowledge to enhance current understanding in your field of study.
  • Build your academic portfolio and CV.
  • Develop your reputation as a subject matter expert.
  • Network to find collaborators for future research endeavors.
  • Meet scholarship requirements for faculty ranking and promotion.
  • Develop skills that can be applied to submitting abstracts and posters for national conferences in your field.
  • Compete for an award.


This year’s event will be hosted virtually with a live event on Zoom and asynchronous engagement on the MUIH Research Symposium Poster Website.

Interested in Presenting a Poster at the Symposium?

The call for abstracts is now open. We encourage you to explore this possibility, even if you are a beginner! Some of our previous winners were first-time presenters. To see examples of posters from last year, visit the MUIH Research Symposium Poster Website.

Note: Abstract submissions are due by December 15, 2022. A copy of the actual poster will not be due until May 4, 2023.

To learn more about the process and gain access to our MS Teams site and guidelines, please complete the interest form (Due November 17th).

I’m Interested!