The following qualify as special circumstances:

  • Support of multiple households (married family members living apart, elder care, or care of family overseas)
  • One time income
    • Withdrawal of retirement funds for emergency purposes
    • Moving allowance or similar expenses incurred and reimbursed by an employer
  •  Funeral expenses or unreimbursed medical and dental expenses that are both
  • Job loss or significant reduction in income

Per federal regulations, our office is required to document any changes to aid eligibility that result from professional judgment. To ensure this compliance, you will need to submit the following documents before an appeal decision can be made:

  • Letter from student requesting a re-evaluation of aid. This letter should describe in detail the circumstances affecting the family.
  • Special Circumstances Appeal form

After we received the required documents, our office will let you know whether additional information is needed. Once an appeal decision has been made, an official notice will be sent to the student’s MUIH email account.