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Ayurveda (“science of life”) is one of the oldest systems of self-care in the world. It focuses on an individual’s relationship with their own body, mind, and spirit, and with the natural world. Ayurveda blends well with other integrative health fields and modern medicine, both philosophically and practically, owing to its inclusivity of multiple perspectives.

The program provides a comprehensive, in-depth, and working knowledge of the major aspects of traditional Ayurvedic health and wellness therapies including foundational Ayurvedic principles; constitutional and metabolic typology; Ayurvedic food science; yoga, breathing, and meditation skills; experiential healing and energy points; and seasonal rejuvenation and health restorative measures.

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2 trimesters
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Take a look at what our Ayurvedic Wellness Practices Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program offers, and how MUIH is the choice for you!

Primary Approaches to Ayurveda

Now is an excellent time to develop an Ayurvedic practice or to add Ayurvedic tools to your already-existing skill set as a coach, acupuncturist, nutritionist, massage therapist, herbalist, or even as a nurse, psychotherapist, or social worker.

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“One thing about the faculty is that all of them are practitioners as well as instructors. Everybody is a caregiver, and the instructors don’t switch that off when they stand in front of a class. I doubt they could if they wanted to.  In my opinion, the example of “this is how a caregiver comports her/himself” is an important, if unwritten component of the curriculum. There are some world class instructors at MUIH.

-Kevin McNeeley, MUIH Alumnus

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