Yoga Therapy


“I am fulfilled every single time a client comes to me seeking yoga therapy, because what they are choosing is themselves. It takes courage to listen to what it is we truly need.”

What drew you to your healing discipline at MUIH?

My soul has always been called to be of service in a healing manner. Reflecting on my life prior to being a yoga therapist, I’ve noticed how often people naturally have come to me with the challenges in their life. Whether for advice, or simply for an ear, they felt safe.

I was exposed to a lot of vicarious trauma in my work the last eight years and after working with Dave Emerson in trauma-sensitive yoga, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of creating space for people to heal themselves using yogic principles and tools. Low and behold, MUIH had a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy program, and I was gifted the opportunity to bridge my love and life of yoga with therapeutics. I seek to use the most natural ways in which we’ve been born with, to heal ourselves.

Why did you choose MUIH for your academic program?

I wanted a graduate level program to understand more of the pathophysiological nature of how our environments, choices, and lifestyles create imbalance in our lives. I wanted the clinical experience of understanding how we can integrate the sacred practice of yoga and its philosophies with the western way in which we treat illness, disease, depression, trauma, etc.

Describe your path since graduating:

To be honest, since graduation I get to spend my days spreading this work, and holding space for remarkable human beings coming from varied challenges, who are remembering who they are, and healing themselves in a safe space.

I live in Washington, DC, and have the privilege of seeing clients one-on-one at Be Here Now Yoga Healing and Wellness in Capitol Hill. I run therapeutic workshops and retreats in and around the region.

What have you accomplished that is a result of the education and skills you received here?

One of my greatest accomplishments is feeling confident and comfortable working with people that come with a wide range of imbalances. The education MUIH has given me has allowed me to obtain a greater depth of physiology among various diseases, physical limitations, mental health challenges, and in general, our daily stressors. It has given me the opportunity to bring my profession anywhere in the world, with the support of truly gifted, in-tune and educated faculty.

What has been your most exciting or fulfilling professional experience to date?

This question is incredibly challenging.. I am fulfilled every single time a client comes to me seeking yoga therapy, because what they are choosing is themselves. It takes courage to listen to what it is we truly need. It is the greatest honor to have every being show up, to not only trust themselves to move through their experience of pain, but to trust me to hold space for them. I get excited every time I see someone evolve and choose a healthier, more caring version of themselves, for themselves. It’s a constant fulfillment, every day.

Are you achieving your professional goals?

Yes. One of the greatest teachings is patience. Everything is happening in perfect timing.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? If so, please use this space to share it:

I am grateful to MUIH, to all of the staff, the faculty, and to my astounding cohort of warriors for the opportunity of this priceless education.

Katie Randall completed MUIH’s Master of Science in Yoga Therapy program in 2015. Visit her website at