MUIH Career Services is pleased to invite you to our Spring Virtual Career Fair!

Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fair: A Pathway to Success!
Thursday, May 20th • 7-10pm eastern time
Online through Zoom teleconferencing
Free for students, alumni, employers and professional associations

Explore job opportunities, internships, and professional development opportunities at our Spring Virtual Career Fair for access to employers in a variety of nationwide locations. We suggest that you meet with any employers you are interested in, even if you are not graduating soon, to give you experience introducing yourself, discussing career paths, asking questions, and learning the industry. It is also a great networking opportunity.

A strong student participation rate is also crucial so that employers see that the career fair is worthwhile and will participate in future events.

About the fair:

We are giving employers the choice of three ways to participate:

How to Participate as a job seeker:

  • Pre-submit your resume as indicated above. Please note that if you would like your resume reviewed before submission to the employer, please send it to by Sunday, May 16th.
  • Click on the Zoom links during the time indicated to join (video optional).
  • Zoom’s features will make it easy for you to jump in and out of employer breakout rooms. We will set that up beforehand.

Here is the list of employers so far (subject to change, all times are eastern time):

  • Awaken Wellness Columbia, MD
    • NUTR only
    • 1:1 interviews, 8-10pm, with Brian Bieda and Jennifer Stukey
  • Strive Well-Being
    • Remote positions for HP, Workplace Wellness, HWC, NUTR
    • 1:1 interviews, 7-10pm, with Stephen Riesgraf
  • Envision 2B Well
    • Remote and based in the Philadelphia area
    • HP, Workplace Wellness, HWC
    • Open door policy from 7-10pm with Carol Pate
  • WellSpark Health, remote and based in Farmington, CT
    • HWC, Workplace Wellness, NUTR, HP
    • Open door policy from 7-9pm with Nicole Carlone
  • Mary’s Center, Washington DC and Silver Spring & Adelphi, MD
    • NUTR
    • 1:1 interviews from 7-9pm with Maiyu Fernandez
  • Integrated Connections, nationwide staffing agency
    • HWC and NUTR
    • Open door policy from 7-9pm with Lisa McDonald
  • Holistic Health Associates, Frederick, MD
    • ACU and Clinical Herbal Medicine
    • Information sessions every half hour from 7-10pm with Ryan Diener
  • Lyme Research and Healing Center, Frederick, MD
    • Clinical Herbal Medicine, Herbal Product Devt., Cannabis, ACU, HWC, HP
    • 1:1 interviews from 7-9pm with Greg Lee
  • American Nutrition Association / BCNS
    • NUTR – for information about the CNS process
    • Open door policy from 7-9pm with Debbie Slutzky
  • Five Flavors Herbs, Oakland, CA, Grass Valley, CA and remote
    • Herbal Product Design & Manufacture, Chinese Herbs
    • Information sessions every half hour from 7-10pm with Benjamin Zappin
  • Wellsview Cottage: Center for Holistic & Integrative Health, Annapolis, MD
    • ACU, Herbal Clinical, Herbal Product Design
    • 1:1 interviews from 7-9pm with Kate Mahood
    • We’re looking for “intern” support that could potentially grow to a full time position rather quickly as the services grow as the world reopens. (It has been been a difficult year of course.) We’re pivoting to offer semiprivate acupuncture services and grow our herbal offerings in particular this year. Definitely looking for someone community-minded.
  • State of Maryland, statewide positions
    • HP, NUTR, ACU
    • Open door policy from 8-10pm with Kigen Waugh
  • Capital Integrative Health, Bethesda, MD
    • YT, NUTR, Herbal Clinical, Herbal Product Design, Cannabis
    • Open door policy from 7-9pm with Dr. Andrew Wong or one of their staff
  • Ginger
    • Remote jobs for Health Coaches
    • 1:1 interviews with Neca Smith
    • Please see the job description at Only students/alumni who meet these criteria will be granted an interview.
  • Integrative Wellness Group, Belmar, NJ
    • HWC, NUTR, Herbal Clinical, ACU
    • 1:1 interviews from 7-9pm with Marisa Potts
  • Simply Nutrition, Rockville, MD and online
    • HWC, NUTR, Herbal Clinical, Herbal Product Design
    • Open door policy from 7-9pm with Sherman Stepney
  • Natural Grocers, locations throughout the West and Midwest
    • NUTR and HWC
    • Formal information sessions given every half hour from 7-9pm with Erin DeLacy
  • Mend Acupuncture, Baltimore, MD
    • ACU
    • 1:1 interviews from 7-9pm with Sarah O’Leary (alum)