Nutrition & Integrative Health


“I have met amazing people who have such passion for nutrition and holistic health that I am continually inspired to keep going and keep dreaming about what we can all bring to our communities.”

What drew you to MUIH?

MUIH appealed to me for two main reasons. The first was its integrative approach to nutrition including its emphasis on healing presence. I was really looking for a program that went beyond macronutrients and calories considering a client’s whole person including sleep, stress, lifestyle, etc. My own journey to health and weight loss required so much more than “dieting,” and I want to provide my clients a more personal, integrative plan for health. Second, MUIH’s focus on science was extremely appealing. After looking at the requirements for certification as a Certified Nutritionist Specialist and realizing what coursework MUIH offered to meet those requirements, I realized this was going to be an excellent program for learning the science behind the nutrition. MUIH was ultimately the best choice for me combining the scientific background and research with my personal focus on whole health and holistic principles.

What excites you about your academic field of study?

I am excited about the depth we are going to in our science programs as they relate to nutrition. I was initially really nervous about the science classes since my background is in the humanities; however, I am finding them fascinating and ultimately useful. The classes are geared toward nutrition, and in just a few months I am already connecting chemistry and physiology to nutrition in ways I had never anticipated. I know that the education I am getting will prepare me well for working with clients in the future because I will have the knowledge of the inner workings of the body as it applies to nutrients. Additionally, the cooking classes have been instrumental to helping me apply what we are learning in the kitchen where the science meets the practical…how to get nourishing food to the table.

Has there been a course you’ve particularly enjoyed?

My favorite class so far has been Organic Chemistry which surprises even me. I was so nervous about this class and yet the professor I had was obviously invested in our success as students, enthusiastic about the role of nutrition in our bodies, and excellent at explaining tough subjects in a way those of us without a science background could grasp the information. I found not only a love for science but a new awe for our amazing human bodies and life.

Can you speak about the faculty here?

I have yet had a teacher I didn’t enjoy. They are all interested in our success and passionate about the values of MUIH from the healing presence to the evidence based approach to nutrition and health. Also, the staff is great. When I first started as a mother of two whom I homeschool and returning to school in my forties, I was unsure how I was going to acclimate to being a student again. My first trimester, I met with both academic advising and student resources to prepare myself for the workload. I was provided with great support and resources to make school more manageable. In everyday interactions the rest of the staff has been great, too. I feel right at home here at MUIH.

What is your best MUIH memory?

My best memory is the connections I have made with my fellow students. It is so energizing, motivating, and peaceful to be in a room of individuals who are interested in being in class with shared similar goals. I have met amazing people who have such passion for nutrition and holistic health that I am continually inspired to keep going and keep dreaming about what we can all bring to our communities.

How do you plan to use what you’ve learned here?

I am not sure. What I initially thought I might do has changed and grown in just two trimesters because now I see many more ways to bring this practice to others. Currently I am leaning toward an individual practice, but I have many new ideas brewing of how I can bring health to under-served populations.

What would you say about MUIH to a prospective student who is interested in attending?

Consider why you are going to school for nutrition. There are many different types of programs and two different licensing paths. Someone who will benefit from a program like MUIH has to offer will ultimately enjoy a holistic approach to healing and health, appreciate evidence-based practice and science for expanding nutrition knowledge, and open to growing personally as they develop their own healing presence throughout the program.

What is the one word that comes to mind when you think of MUIH?


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

This is the single best educational decision I have made in my life.