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The program educates students about cannabis-based products with an emphasis on health effects, safety, formulation, and quality assurance. The program addresses CBD-dominant hemp-based dietary supplements and wellness products, as well as THC-dominant medical and recreational marijuana.

This program is designed for individuals who wish to approach the cannabis field through the primary lenses of herbal medicine and health and wellness. It is designed for individuals who wish to promote evidence-informed, safe, and responsible use of high-quality cannabis-based products, especially those with holistic approach and a focus on a health promotion model rather than a disease management model.

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Apr 25

Can a Degree in Cannabis Science Land You a Job in the Marijuana Industry?

Are you looking to enter the medical or recreational marijuana industry? Don’t know where to start? Here’s why a degree in cannabis science can set you up for success and open doors to a variety of career opportunities.

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“One thing about the faculty is that all of them are practitioners as well as instructors. Everybody is a caregiver, and the instructors don’t switch that off when they stand in front of a class. I doubt they could if they wanted to.  In my opinion, the example of “this is how a caregiver comports her/himself” is an important, if unwritten component of the curriculum. There are some world class instructors at MUIH.

-Kevin McNeeley, MUIH Alumnus

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