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Yoga Therapy Offers Relief for Clients in the Natural Care Center

Our first yoga therapy student interns are now scheduling appointments to see clients at the MUIH Natural Care Center. Yoga therapy is a rapidly growing healing discipline that is effective for a wide range of physical and emotional challenges. You likely know how effective a yoga practice can be – imagine the possibilities of using yoga therapy to heal!

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MUIH Welcomes Incoming September Students

We’re so excited to welcome our new students! As MUIH continues to grow, so too does the diversity of our student population.

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5 Health Coaching Techniques to Use in Difficult Situations

Sometimes I sense we yearn for the day when all of life’s challenges magically melt away. However, what I have learned along my journey thus far in life is that while we’ll never be able to completely avoid life’s challenges, we can look at the situation from a new perspective, or in coaching terms, learn to “reframe” our experiences.

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Research Day 2014 – Student Abstracts

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in the Improvement of Emesis, Nausea and Food Aversion among Cancer Treatment Patients Research Design by Jason Bosley-Smith, Nutrition & Integrative Health Program Student Abstract Patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation) often encounter a number of negative side effects. Cytotoxic drug-induced nausea and vomiting are the side effects most feared by […]

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Research Day Winner: Jason Bosley-Smith on MBSR for Cancer Patients

We interviewed Jason Bosley-Smith, winner of the President’s Award at this year’s Research Day for his research poster on using mindfulness-based stress reduction to alleviate emesis, nausea, and food aversion among cancer treatment patients.

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