Because Everyone’s Health Matters

The Natural Care Center, which includes the University Teaching Clinic, is the primary teaching clinic for the University providing effective and compassionate service in naturehealth. Through the generosity of our donors and clinicians, we offer highly discounted services to many patients and clients, including senior citizens, military veterans,and students.

The Help for Healing Fund was established in 2015 to increase access to clinical services by subsidizing patient and client visits in the University Teaching Clinic. Over the past 12 months, 186 patients have benefitted from the Help for Healing Fund (FY17). The Help for Healing Fund is also designed to assist our students meet their required number of patient visits. Currently, each student may have up to two patients who are beneficiaries of the fund. By supporting the Help for Healing Fund you help provide access to more individuals who could not otherwise afford care and allow students to more efficiently meet their clinical requirements.

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To apply, download this application. Proof of income, age, or military status is required as part of this application. Applications should be submitted to the Natural Care Center.