What Does An Herbalist Do?

Herbalists focus on supporting and maintaining health rather than fighting disease. Many herbalists believe the strength of botanicals is their capacity to support the body as it finds its healing path. In other words, the focus of practice is not placed on herbs “fixing” you, but rather on nurturing your intrinsic capacity for healing. Our herbalists are trained to provide personalized herbal formulas, as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations, during your consultation. A large part of your work together will focus on learning to listen and respond to your body’s signals. This emphasis on self-care encourages you to develop a deep connection with your body.

Western Herbal Medicine supports the healthy structure and function of the body. Herbs are taken to promote vitality, balance, and longevity. The strength of botanicals lies in their capacity to support and nurture the body’s innate healing capacity. Simply defined, herbalism is the art and science of skillfully collecting, preparing, and utilizing herbs to nudge the body towards wellness. Herbs and plants can be prepared and used in many ways. They can be taken internally as tinctures, teas, powders, syrups, or capsules. Externally, they can be applied as lotions, oils, salves, and in baths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why herbs?

The current practice of herbalism in the United States focuses on supporting wellness as opposed to fighting disease. Many herbalists believe the strength of botanicals lies in their capacity to support the body as it finds a healing path. In other words, the focus is not placed on herbs “fixing” you but on nurturing the intrinsic wisdom of your body.

The self-care nature of herbalism empowers you to care for yourself and better understand and care for your body. Once your herbal formula and self care is established, the number of office visits will become less frequent.

Why see an herbalist?
Possibly the greatest benefit from an herbal consultation is that you will receive a blend of herbs specifically formulated for you. Your constitution, your life history, and your personal goals as well as type of product (i.e., tinctures, powders, teas, or capsules) are considered when creating a formula.

Why would I see an herbalist?
While there has been an increase in the distribution of off-the-shelf herbal products, the assistance of a professional can help guide you to make wise choices and better understand herbal use. An experienced herbalist can help make sure the herbs used are appropriate for you, of consistent quality, and proportioned appropriately for your needs. Concerns you may have regarding possible interactions with pharmaceutical medications can also be addressed by consulting an educated and experienced practitioner. All of the herbal consultants at the Natural Care Center are Registered Herbalists through the American Herbal Guild.

What happens during the consultation?
Your first visit with an herbalist will take approximately 90 minutes. During this time the practitioner will gather information about your past health history, review lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, discuss your health concerns, and have an opportunity to discuss goals for your future health. The herbalist will conduct a review of organ systems, not to diagnose disease but to explore areas to support health. At the end of the visit, the herbalist will make some herbal recommendations for short- and long-term goals and schedule a follow-up visit.

What model of care is available?
Western Herbal Medicine Consultations are available as both team and private care models.

Where can I go to purchase herbal products that are recommended to me?
Product recommendations made by your herbalist can be purchased at MUIH’s Herbal Dispensary, where herbs will be formulated according to the practitioner’s specifications. You are also free to purchase herbs wherever you choose, and your practitioner can supply you with a list of local resources.

How do I make an appointment?
For more information or to schedule an appointment, email or call the Natural Care Center at 410-888-9048 ext. 6614.