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Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, and Cranberry Medley

Nutrition student Jamie Reisinger shares this festive, antioxidant-rich recipe that’s ideal for serving at large holiday get-togethers.

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Dairy Free Crème of Mushroom Leek Soup

Just in time for the cold months ahead, nutrition grad Marybeth Missenda shares her recipe for a warming and hearty soup.

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Sesame Bok Choy

Bok choy, also known as Chinese cabbage, is a cruciferous vegetable rich in antioxidants. Its dark green leaves contain much more beta-carotene and calcium than white cabbage. In addition to vitamins A and C, bok choy is a great source of phytonutrients known as glucosinolates – sulfur-containing compounds that may be involved in the destruction of cancer-causing chemicals. In Chinese medicine bok choy is considered a cooling food.

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Kool Ranchy Kale Chips

Plain and simple: these are delicious. This is a kid-friendly recipe that is sure to become a family favorite. The dressing can be made in 20 minutes or less and it also makes a great dip for carrots and celery or a dressing for a bowl of steamed vegetables.

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Raspberry Peach Smoothie

Refreshing and sweet, with a hint of tartness, this smoothie is not only delicious but good for you too.

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