COA Calculation

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a budgeted item assigned to every financial aid student. Students are informed that a COA represents the maximum annual amount of financial aid available. This includes grants, scholarships, Federal work Study, and federal and private loans. Upon submitting a FAFSA, a basic COA is created for each student and is based on full-time enrollment and estimated tuition charges. COA for students enrolled full-time include:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Living Expenses
  • Personal Expenses (includes an allowance for Health Insurance)
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

An allowance for off-campus housing is included in the COA standard budget. Tuition and fees are based on the University’s academic year rates. Transportation, personal expenses, and books and supplies are estimated figures based on area trends established by the College Board and the twelve-month low-to-moderate living expenses within an academic year.

There is no standard tuition rate for graduate students. The amount of tuition billed is dependent upon the number of credits enrolled in each trimester as well as the current tuition rate for the program. Please be aware that most programs increase tuition costs as approved by the Board of Trustees starting each fall trimester. Tuition and Fees per program are available online at the Tuition and Fees website.

The COA is determined by the students’ enrollment status. Financial aid is offered to degree seeking programs based on the assumption that students will be enrolled full time (at least 6 credits) per trimester for the entire award period.  When students enroll for fewer credits in a trimester, their aid will be adjusted to reflect their current enrollment status. To remain eligible for Federal Financial Aid, students MUST be enrolled in their official degree program at least half-time (at least 3 credits) per trimester.

Enrollment Status

Graduate Credits


6 or more credits per trimester


3-5.75 credits per trimester

Less than Half-time

0.25-2.75 credits per trimester


Students who have dependent childcare costs, are paying more than the included Health Insurance allowance, or have unreimbursed Medical Expenses, may appeal the Cost of Attendance by submitting a written letter of explanation along with an Increase Cost of Attendance form.   Any documentation of additional expenses must be included with the letter along with a requesting the additional loan amount the student is interested in borrowing.

Cost of Attendance

2020 – 2021