This course for non-nutrition students explores the theory and practice of Chinese nutritional therapy, using the lens of Western and Chinese medicine. Students will gain a basic knowledge of evidence-based Western nutrition. Students will also examine the energetic nature of food from a traditional Chinese medical perspective, and understand how to explain these concepts from a Western perspective. Topics include the influence of the five flavors, the thermal nature of foods, the influence that diet/nutrition have on the organ/meridian systems, and the effects of different cooking and preparation methods, as well as basic information on macro and micro nutrients and their link to Chinese nutrition. Basic diagnostic skills using tongue and other key signs and symptoms are covered, giving students the ability to make basic nutritional recommendations for particular conditions. Experiencing the different food energetics, through tasting, is included!


  • May 6 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • May 13 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • May 20 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • May 27 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jun 3 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jun 10 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jun 17 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jun 24 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jul 1 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM
  • Jul 8 2021 3:25PM - 5:25PM

Course Programs

  • Doctor of Acupuncture
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Master of Acupuncture
  • Master of Arts in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Master of Oriental Medicine
  • Master of Science in Health Promotion

Course Details

Course Code
Primary Instructor
Heidi Most
Start Date
End Date
Maryland University of Integrative Health
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