Tuition & Fee Rates
Fall 2020 – Summer 2021

General Tuition Rates
Course Type Course Code Rate per Credit
Acupuncture AOM 605
Chinese Herbs CHP 605
Oriental Medicine AOM 605
Yoga Therapy YOGA 761
Applied Philosophy & Practices APP 870
Ayurveda AYUR 870
Health and Wellness Coaching COA 870
Health Education IHED 870
Health Promotion HPRO 870
Herbal Medicine HRB 870
Integrative Health Management IHM 870
Integrative Health Studies INHS 870
Integrative Health Sciences ISCI 894
Nutrition NUTR 894
Research RSCH 894

Tuition Rate Exceptions

Tuition exceptions may apply in the following cases. Please see the Tuition Rate Exceptions document for more information.

  • Doctor of Acupuncture: MAc/MOM alumni returning 2020 and later
  • Doctor of Clinical Nutrition: All tracks
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine: MAc/MOM alumni returning 2020 and later
  • Master of Science in Yoga Therapy: Students initially enrolled Fall 2019 and prior


Fees Cost
Application Fee $50
Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit $150
University Fee (per trimester) $250
All students, including students taking a voluntary break in enrollment. Click here to learn more about the fee.
Late Registration Fee
After registration deadline and before start of the schedule adjustment period for current students$150/course
During the schedule adjustment period for current and new students who have confirmed before the late confirmed student registration period begins
Cooking Lab Fee $30/course
NUTR 681 – 689; On Campus Courses Only
Cooking Kit Fee $205
M.S. in Nutrition and Integrative Health students (1st trimester) and other students taking cooking labs (NUTR 681 – 689)
Herb Kit Fee  Students enrolled in the following herbal medicine courses:
HRB 605 $140
HRB 620b $160
HRB 622 $140
HRB 642 $175
HRB 705 $160
HRB 635a $125
HRB 635b $200
HRB 636a $125
HRB 715 $100
Due to international customs requirements, we do not ship herb kits outside of the United States
Credit Card Adjustment Fee 2.75% of amount paid by credit card
Graduation Fee $75