Updated: November 4th, 2020

MUIH’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies program is now accepting applications.

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Curiosity about natural healing with herbs is universal. One way to deepen your knowledge of how to use herbs for your own health, as well for that of your family and friends is to take this 12-credit Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies. The training will provide herbal enthusiasts with a foundational knowledge of herbal sciences, as well as an understanding of the wellness-based tradition of herbal medicine. An emphasis on practical skills ensures that students are familiar with the identification of local plants and have the ability to make medicinal food and herbal preparations. The coursework uses the cycles of nature to guide the integration of herbs into daily life. This program empowers the student with the knowledge and skills to support self-care through the safe and effective incorporation of herbs into daily life, using body care products, food preparations, and other herbal supplements.

During the certificate program, students will begin their immersion in traditional and evidence-based knowledge. Students will deepen their knowledge Materia Medica, or using plants for healing; and learn how to make quality herbal products for home use. A deep understanding of how to understand the safe use of herbal supplements, and potential herb/herb or herb/drug interactions, rounds out the student experience.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Herbal Studies is designed to be completed in eight months and is offered online. Although no residency is required, online students are welcome to take on-campus courses. If your experience ignites your passion to enter the field as a professional, the 12 credits in this certificate program can be applied to the Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health and Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism.

Ready to get started? A member of our Admissions staff is available Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm to answer any questions you have. The Office of Graduate Admissions also offers small group and individual information sessions by appointment. Speak to an Admissions Counselor today by calling 410-888-9048 ext. 6647 or emailing .

We look forward to hearing from you!

Michael Tims, PhD
Department Chair, Herb Program

410-888-9048 ext. 6668