Dr. Schrier has been in private practice since 2014, specializing in tick borne diseases, ophthalmology, andrology and making homemade topical herbal medicinals. He has been adjunct faculty and dispensary supervisor in the Chinese herbal pharmacy at MUIH since 2017, as well as serving as lead faculty examiner for the acupuncture department Oral Examination.

Professional Narrative

East Asian medicine has been part of my life since I was around 8 years old when I received my first treatment. My interest in herbal medicine also started at a young age, when I would curiously look at all the herbs stored in glass jars at my grandparent’s health food store. This passion followed into my undergraduate studies where I studied cultural anthropology, and spent time in China, Niger, and Fiji, studying history, folklore and about medical practices, and medicinal plants. This would eventually lead me to pursing a degree at the Tai Sophia Institute.

Upon graduating I was eager to learn about all that this medicine has to offer and dive into the roots of the medicine. Studying with Jeffrey Yuen, Dr. Richard Tan (may he rest in peace), Lonny Jarrett, Heiner Fruehuaf and Damo Mitchell. I have worked closely with Z'ev Rosenberg one of the first generation of practitioners of Chinese medicine in the US as his editor and contributor to his books "Returning to the Source: Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Modern Clinical Practice", "Ripples in the Flow: Reflections on Vessel Dynamics in the Nàn Jīng 難經" and his upcoming book "Afterglow: Ministerial Fire and Chinese Ecological Medicine". 

Selected Publications & Presentations

Rosenberg, Z. (2017) The Nei Jing and medicine: A response to “a review of the ancient concepts of medicine” by Doane et al. (D. Schrier, Ed.). Journal of Chinese Medicine, (114), 61-62.

Rosenberg, Z. (2018) Returning to the source: Han dynasty medical classics in clinical practice. (D. Schrier, Ed.), Philadelphia, PA: Singing Dragon Press.

Rosenberg, Z. (2019) Ripples in the flow: Reflections on Vessel Dynamics in the Nàn Jīng. (D. Schrier, Ed.) Philadelphia, PA: Singing Dragon Press.

Penoyer, J., Park, J. (2020) A systems science for modern complexity. The case for post-pandemic Chinese medicine (D. Schrier, Ed.). Lantern, Vol 17-3, 2-4.


AOM 7EXI – Oral Examination

AOM 601 - History of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

AOM 611 - Foundations of Oriental Medicine I

AOM 612a - Foundations of Oriental Medicine II

AOM 681 - Self-Cultivation I

AOM 682 - Self-Cultivation II

AOM 683 - Self-Cultivation III

AOM 685 - Self-Cultivation IV

AOM 748 - Special Clinical Techniques of Chinese Medicine

CHP 623a - Chinese Herbal Medicine Theory I

CHP 711a/b/c - Chinese Herbal Medicine Theory II

CHP 731B - Clinical Thought Process

CHP 780a/b/c - Core Group I/II/III

Personal Narrative

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, going on hikes, exploring new places, exploring new restaurants and cooking with my wife, spending time with friends and family, and reading books on Classical Chinese and Daoism.

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