After a 20 year career in Information Technology, John has a decade of experience as a clinical herbalist and is now focused on teaching on the graduate level while conducting research on the cultivation of medicinal plants as well as the use of technology to improve wellness outcomes and the achievement of learning objectives by students.

Professional Narrative

As a computer programmer and clinical herbalist, I am interested in leveraging technology to promote wellness and provide meaningful clinical experiences over a distance model. I am passionate about creating innovative adult learning opportunities by facilitating a diverse and inclusive learning environment. My research interests involve the endocannabinoid system, hydroponic cultivation of medicinal plants, and how technology can affect both the clinical interaction and the student experience.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Clare, B., Missenda, M., & Courie, J. (2018). Adding a Narrative Practitioner Perspective Section to Case Report Publications. Advances in Integrative Medicine.


HRB600 Intro to Herbal Medicine

HRB612 Cannabis Dispensary Practices

HRB614 Quality Assurance in Cannabis Products

HRB641 Safety of Botanical Medicine

HRB691 Herbal Product Design Internship

HRB794 Case Studies in Herbal Product Design


2016 recipient of Davis McCarn Technology Award - Presented annually by the Center for Maryland Libraries President in recognition of outstanding achievement that has improved library service and library advocacy in Maryland.

2019 recipient of MUIH Herbal Community Award

Personal Narrative

I am a clinical herbalist, educator and researcher who integrates a modern biomedical perspective on plant therapeutics informed by a culturally sensitive awareness of traditional uses. I practice and teach from a perspective of herbalism grounded in the theories of chemical ecology, coevolution, synergy, hormesis and allostatic load. I think it is vital to promote all aspects of wellness from a biopsychosocial perspective that leverages bioinformatics and pharmacokinetics to identify novel, individualized plant based formulations that support and facilitate the wellness goals of clients from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

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