Nichole Studd is a wellness consultant in schools and has a private yoga therapy practice in Ohio. She is also an adjunct environmental science professor with over 20 years of teaching experience in prek-graduate school. She connects all her interests by empowering people to heal and connect through nature and yoga therapy.

Professional Narrative

Nichole Studd is a student of life and enjoys the magic and mystery of combining the fields of science and yoga therapy. She has over twenty years of experience teaching and learning in the fields of science and yoga. She enjoys presenting on yoga and education nationally and internationally. Her practice and research focuses on addressing wellness needs for students and school employees as they navigate stress, anxiety, and burnout. She resides in Ohio where she is an adjunct environmental science professor and has a private yoga therapy practice.

Selected Publications & Presentations

“Yoga Therapy in Schools for Optimal Learning & Wellness” for Global Yoga Therapy Conference 2021

“SEL-ect Mindfulness for Learning” & “Educator SEL-f Care for Student Learning” for Ohio Educational Technology Conference

“Mindfulness in Schools” for various events

“STEAMING Up Education- Using Apps to Integrate Art and Science” at INTED, Valencia, Spain


YOGA640 Yoga Therapy: Principles and Practices

Personal Narrative

Nichole loves learning and knows the struggle of balancing school and family. She had a newborn and young children in her first rounds of graduate school. When she came to MUIH to earn a masters in yoga therapy, she was balancing life with her blended family of 8 in Ohio. Reading hurts her brain, sitting still is not her strength, and frequent food breaks are a must. She still made it through graduate school and so will you! To help her feel grounded and more human, she enjoys time with nature, photography, SUP yoga, and creating in general. Nichole loves connecting with students to help them create the balance they need to thrive; you are always welcome to contact her.

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