Updated: November 5th, 2020

It is summer, school is out, and kids spend a lot of their free time outside.  With time outside, kids tend to forget to stay hydrated yet still come inside for a snack.  One way to ensure kids stay hydrated as well as consume healthy snacks, it to make snack time into project time.

Watermelon pizza serves double duty. Watermelon is a great source of vitamin C and potassium. It is low in in sodium and has no fat. It helps quench thirst and cool the whole body. The best part is that kids do the construction of the watermelon pizza. Start with slices of watermelon, yogurt, and fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, or whatever fresh fruit is available. Let kids spread the yogurt on the slices and then use their imagination to put the “toppings” on their pizzas. In a few minutes, they have their own personal watermelon pizza! 

Just as easy, fun, and refreshing is to construct a strawberry banana snake.  Strawberries are good for hydration and are excellent sources of vitamin A and C and fiber. They have a calming effect. Bananas are good sources of potassium and have twice the concentration of vitamin C as apples. To make the snake, cut up slices of strawberries and bananas. Slice a few of the strawberries lengthwise and put aside for the head. Let kids build their snake alternating strawberry and banana slices. Use the half strawberry for the head and seeds or raisins for the snake eyes and the strawberry banana snake is ready to eat.