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Unique to MUIH’s health and wellness coaching philosophy, and an essential component of the curriculum, is teaching people to be aware of the body’s innate wisdom and to regard symptoms and struggles as teachers. Other distinctive program features include a focus on research literacy for informed coaching practice, an integrative approach to wellness and healing, a focus on whole-person care, and a model that emphasizes self-reflection and personal empowerment for healthy lifestyles. Students practice and hone their coaching skills through real-time coaching labs, working with mentor coaches and volunteer coaching clients. The program includes a practicum in which students work one-on-one with clients and begin to build their coaching practice.

Credits Per Trimester
5 trimesters
Trimester of Entry
Fall, Spring

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Health and wellness coaches and health promotion professionals both promote health and wellness by concentrating on long-term behavior change.

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I found a passion for wanting to help others that might be struggling. I look back at the changes I made and it is easy to see where working with a Health and Wellness Coach would have helped. I truly enjoy seeing others succeed and want the skills to enable them to do so.

-Ron DeMartin, MUIH Health and Wellness Coaching Alumnus

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