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MUIH’s program is the only such program to include both the evidence-informed efficacy of integrative health practices and the practical and business models for the inclusion of integrative practices in conventional medical and health care settings. It is designed to meet the increasing and widespread interest in exploring and understanding the benefits and application of integrative health principles and practices.

This program is designed for professionals in health care and related professions, who wish to integrate complementary health approaches in their practice or organization. It provides a variety of health care professionals with the opportunity to explore and understand the benefits and application of integrative health principles and practices, especially as related to their individual professional area within the broad health care spectrum.

Credits Per Trimester
5 trimesters
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Webinar | Become an Integrative Health Specialist

March 22 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT

Is a Career in Integrative Health Right for You?

An integrative health career can be a great way to serve others while also honoring your own commitment to human and even planetary wellness. Keep reading to learn more about careers in integrative health and whether this track is right for you.

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“The programs at MUIH all incorporate a mind/body/spirit connection, which was important to me because I knew I wanted these elements to be a part of my future career and how I approached my work with future clients.

Casey Kaczmarek, MUIH Alum

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