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Plants and herbs have been a large part of health, wellness, and healing practices since the early stages of medicine. As someone interested in herbal product development, research, and herbal education, you recognize and respect herbs’ potential for whole-person health and wellness.
Our Master of Science in Herbal Product Design and Manufacture program empowers people like you to take the next step and contribute as change agents in the field of herbal medicine creating rigorously developed, quality, safe, and effective herbal products.
Offered in a hybrid format, our Master of Science in Herbal Product Design and Manufacture program will provide you with practical critical thinking skills and experience through internships placements and unique opportunities through our very own herbal dispensary garden. Join a program that will take your interests and passion in the growing herbal supplement industry and turn them into a fulfilling career!
Credits per Trimester
6 trimesters
Trimester of Entry
Online, Hybrid

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Take a look at what our Master of Herbal Product Design & Manufacture program offers, and how MUIH is the choice for you!
Apr 05

Comparing Herbal Medicine Programs at MUIH

MUIH offers six programs that focus on the medicinal use of herbs. In all of these, plants are used as a primary therapeutic and health promotion tool.

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“Pairing plants with people is my (currently, part time) profession and as an herbalist I strive to help others discover ways to cultivate well-being, achieve holistic balance, and experience the enlightenment of herbal healing.”

-Chan Thompson, Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism Alumna

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