Updated: October 13th, 2020

This fall, MUIH graduated the most recent class from the Animal Acupuncture Certification program. As more and more people are experiencing the healing possibilities of Chinese medicine, it’s natural that they are now seeking the same treatment for their animal companions. The class participants, all licensed acupuncturists, were eager to fill this growing need.

For more than 17 years, Maryland University of Integrative Health has been teaching the nation’s only state-approved, university-based certificate in animal acupuncture. This unique program is developed specifically for licensed acupuncturists and enables them to offer animal patients a powerful and complementary modality for health and healing. It is a program is for those who have a passion for animals and a desire to expand their practice to include animal patients and their owners.

As MUIH president, Frank Vitale states, “Many participants in this program study acupuncture with the end goal of healing animals and that dream is realized for this group of students who received their certification with great excitement! The animals they treat will be among the very fortunate as they benefit from the expertise and healing presence of these passionate and dedicated practitioners. They have worked hard and persevered toward a commendable career.”

The Animal Acupuncture Certification program consists of four courses taken over the span of several months and is taught by veterinarians and licensed acupuncturists. Coursework includes small animal and equine anatomy and physiology, animal handling and restraint, veterinary emergencies, animal diseases, animal acupuncture theories and principals, and point location. There is also a clinical component where participants treat small animals and horses under faculty supervision.

To find an animal acupuncturist near you, please use our Find a Practitioner tool.

Congratulations to participants Susan Bienvenue, Laura Bracken, Andrea Brand, Molly Dearstine, Elyse Greenberg, Jaimie Johnston, Dr. Aaron Nickamin, Maya Noble, Brittany Phillips, Justine Short, Trish Smith, Mark Stoehr and Christine Van Norman. Well done!