Updated: October 13th, 2020
Struggling with those last 10 lbs?
Can’t get in the groove with your fitness routine?
Stress levels out of control?

Our health and wellness coaching students stand ready to help – at no cost to you! As part of the practicum phase of their program, students in our health and wellness coaching programs are required to complete several one-on-one sessions with clients. Their goal is to guide and support you in reaching your wellness goals.

To add your name to the list of volunteer clients, please email with “Health Coaching Practicum” in the subject line. All requests must be received by October 1, 2014.

As a client in this program:

  • You will be assigned your own personal student-health coach for all sessions
  • Your student coach will contact you to set up your first appointment
  • Sessions will be conducted on the phone (most commonly), via web-based video interface, or live/face-to-face, at times that are convenient for you and your student coach (please note that live/face-to-face will not be allowed in some states)
  • You must commit to 4-6 coaching sessions in order to participate
  • Each session will last between 30 and 45 minutes
  • These coaching sessions are designed to focus on:
    • Setting your personal wellness and health-enhancing goals
    • Creating an effective wellness plan, individualized for your needs and goals
    • Addressing obstacles that might get in the way of your success
    • Supporting and guiding you in sticking to your plan
  • Coaching sessions are strictly confidential*
  • You are not required to discuss any known medical conditions

Please note, not all who submit their names to be added to the volunteer list will be matched with a student coach this trimester. However, the coaching practicum course is offered multiple times throughout the year so if you are not matched this trimester, we will keep your name on the volunteer list for future course offerings. Also please note that these coaching sessions are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, mental health counseling, or career counseling. You will not receive instructions or recommendations for specific diets or exercise plans.

*Coaching sessions may be tape recorded and reviewed only by MUIH faculty. This is required for students to be evaluated and receive academic credit for the practicum. Tapes are destroyed at the conclusion of the course.

Thank you for considering working with our student coaches.