Updated: November 5th, 2020
On June 6 at 7 p.m., Maryland University of Integrative Health held its 2016 Commencement. During the evening ceremony, 273 new healers celebrated their graduation and prepared to enter the professional world of health and wellness—our largest graduating class yet! This year also included MUIH’s first crop of yoga therapy graduates.

Throughout the evening’s heartfelt speeches, a theme of inner strength emerged. All of our speakers drove home the fact that our graduates are now part of the integrative health story and that as they help change the landscape of healthcare, they will not only need to rely on others, but on their own convictions and strength as well. Each speaker recognized that we do not move through life alone, and wholehearted acknowledgments went out to everyone in the audience and beyond who had an impact on our graduates – classmates, their families and friends, and faculty, as well as the staff and leadership of MUIH.

Board of Trustees Chair Adele Wilzack spoke about how she sees integrative health as a vital part of the answer for today’s changing medical landscape and for future generations, and she left graduates with three key lessons she’s learned throughout her time in healthcare. Lesson 1: There is no free lunch (especially if it’s organic and locally grown); every one of us pays our dues to build our careers. Lesson 2: There are no bystanders; never wait around for someone else to dictate your role, your possibilities, your career, your life. Lesson 3: There is no voice as important to your success as your own. Read Adele’s full speech here.

Our 2016 commencement speaker, Andrew Heyman, M.D., MHSA, is currently the Program Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at The George Washington University. Prior to assuming this role, he spent 16 years at the University of Michigan building one of the largest and most successful academic-based Integrative Medicine programs in the United States. In his commencement address, Dr. Heyman spoke about the history of integrative health in the United States, an often overlooked and forgotten history, and urged our graduates to be thoughtful and brave as they begin their healing careers and to never falter in their belief in integrative health. “You keep advocating for your profession because you will see [integrative medicine] miracles. You have learned how to be present, aware, and peaceful – maybe the most powerful clinical tool you can bring to bear,” he said. “Do not waste this moment.” See a video of Dr. Heyman’s full speech below. Read Dr. Heyman’s full speech here.

Student speaker Bonnie Pace, a new graduate of the Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health, shared her unique journey to becoming a healer at MUIH and ended with a poem she wrote. She reflected, “My experience at MUIH progressed from wanting to know as much as I could, to learning to use that knowledge with care and compassion… I feel quite different now than I did when I began. We have been given a wonderful opportunity, a gift. As we go out into our communities, we will be representing our school, our professors, and the experiences we gained here at MUIH.” See a video of Bonnie’s full speech below. Read Bonnie’s full speech here.

All of us at MUIH are proud of our recent graduates and look forward to watching and supporting their work for many years to come.