Updated: October 13th, 2020

Over the past several years, MUIH has seen an exponential increase in the demand for our academic programs and for our exceptional clinical care. With more than 800 students as of September who offer 35,000 clinical treatments and consultations annually, our campus resources and facilities are being stretched in every direction. To meet the needs of our students and patients into the future, it’s now time for us to plan the next phases of our physical and programmatic growth. MUIH President and CEO, Frank Vitale, with members of our board of trustees and a team of architects, unveiled the University’s campus expansion plans for the next five years.

We are confident in launching a campaign that will usher us into a bright and exciting future as a university-of-choice and an authoritative resource for integrative health education, research, and the practice of healing presence. We are currently seeking committed benefactors who want to help us realize these intentions and build their legacy with ours.

With 12 beautiful acres available to us, our plans are to retain and honor much of the natural surroundings, construct environmentally responsible buildings, and prioritize construction based on how to best service students and patients.

Campus Expansion
Rendering: Campus Expansion Plan with Labels
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Here are some questions we’ve received about our expansion plan and our responses:

1.    What exactly is this expansion plan calling for?

We feel that our 12-acre campus, situated in a natural healing environment, provides the perfect setting for the addition of environmentally-responsible buildings. The expansion plan calls for new facilities and academic programs including:

  • A calming and beautiful integrative health clinic for student interns and faculty practices
  • A new primary academic building with state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories
  • A school of naturopathic medicine
  • An enlarged campus library
  • An indoor mind-body studio and outdoor yoga pavilion
  • A student teaching kitchen
  • A greenhouse and teaching herb garden
  • A gathering space with an auditorium

In addition to adding new facilities, our expansion plan calls for renovating our existing building, improving our technology infrastructure, and more. Combined, all of this will enable MUIH to be a better educator, a better partner, and a better place for healing on every level.

2.    How will the expansion be funded?

Many organizations don’t announce an expansion like this until they’ve secured much of the funding. We considered doing that, but then we agreed that it was more important to garner community support through our collective intentions and planning, as well as through thoughtful networking. We firmly believe that if “we dream it, we can build it” and we’re optimistic that we will begin securing funding as we continue to pursue financial partners. We invite you to add your intention and vision to ours.

3.    How can I help?

Spread the word about our expansion plan with anyone and everyone you think would be interested in hearing about our vision! We’ve seen time and time again the power of building partnerships among people connected within our community’s own network. We often find that there are very few degrees of separation between you and someone with the means and passion to help. We know that among our community members there are connections and potential partners for us that are just waiting to be made – help us to make them!

4.    Who do I contact?

Cheryl Walker Shapero, our vice president of institutional development and chief values officer, is eager to hear your thoughts and ideas and would be happy to engage in a conversation of possibilities. Contact her at or 410-888-9048 ext. 6695.

Campus Expansion Plan Bird's Eye View
Rendering: Aerial View of Campus Expansion Plan
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Campus Expansion Plan Welcome Center
Rendering: Welcome Center
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