Updated: November 5th, 2020

In the first week of September, 317 new students began their journeys at MUIH, our largest incoming class thus far. This fall class brings the total student body population to 1,482 students from 47 states and U.S. territories and 27 countries.

MUIH continues to grow as the demand for more integrative healthcare practitioners reaches record heights. The driving force behind everything MUIH does is its desire to create the best learning environment and educational opportunities for its students—both on campus and online. So who are these passionate, eager future integrative healthcare providers? Here is a quick snapshot:


Number of Students

  • 317 students joined us in the fall 2016 incoming class

Where They Live

  • 50% come from within the region of Maryland, DC, and Virginia
  • 50% live outside this region

Age Range

  • Students range in age from 21 to 69
  • The average age of this class of students is 39

Online and On Campus

  • 55% of students in this class are enrolled in online programs
  • 26% of students are enrolled in hybrid programs, combining online and on-campus courses
  • 18% are enrolled in on-campus programs

We wish our new community members and all of our students much success and fulfillment in their programs at MUIH. Welcome to the MUIH family!