Updated: November 5th, 2020
Our energetic and enthusiastic new director, Chad Egresi, is just who we need for the robust admissions environment we’re creating and the ambitious future we’re planning.

What are you most looking forward to about your new position here?

I am most looking forward to being a part of the culture and environment that MUIH has created. I see stimulating potential in the programs that we have to offer and the opportunities that we present to prospective students who are interested in an integrative wellness approach to healing. Additionally, I’m looking forward to the first graduating class of my tenure. In my opinion, universities are most notably measured on how their students perform and, subsequently how they then impact the world around them upon leaving. My excitement stems mainly from being a part of each student’s progress and then seeing them in action, helping create a better world for each of us to live in.

Can you talk about some of the goals and/or ideas you have for the admissions department in the year ahead?

My goals in admissions are first to evaluate, observe, enhance and streamline the student experience from an internal and external process perspective. We’ve already begun this process by reviewing our outreach and recruitment efforts in light of emerging trends in the field and we’re considering new events to attend and call campaigns to schedule.

In the few weeks that you’ve been here, what’s surprised you the most about working here?

The all-encompassing genuine commitment to holistic wellness and healing. I was also surprised to see how eager individuals were to see me and how they have welcomed me as a peer and administrator. Giving me the responsibility to bring MUIH into the future of enrollment management is one that I take very seriously and am excited to have.

Which one of our programs could you see yourself applying for if you could travel back in time and become a student again? Why?

If I were to travel back in time and apply to MUIH as a student, I’d be applying for the acupuncture and oriental medicine program. I am deeply interested in the healing power of the mind and the approaches to protecting and nurturing the body through all different types of distress. I am entrepreneurial in spirit and would love the opportunity to do something that provides an outlet for both my business networking and holistic healing mentality.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has played a role in bringing me to MUIH. Once I had the chance to meet and engage leaders of the organization, to see the vision and to be given a chance to be involved in creating and carrying it out, the decision to take on this opportunity was very easy.