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About Elina Myers

Food can be energy and food can cause issues in our bodies- from digestive problems to headaches, acne, hormonal imbalances, cognitive thinking, autoimmune conditions, and a vast of other issues will discuss. People come to me when they feel tired of being frustrated, they lost hope in feeling better, and often when they tried every diet. I will work with you, because I have been there myself. You are unique and so is the nourishment you need. Integrative nutrition touches on the following topics: diet, digestion, movement, stress, and sleep that affect your health. My mission is to help you nutritionally.

I work from a functional nutrition outline where I may be testing for micronutrients, sex/stress hormones, food sensitivity, stool testing, and/or appropriate supplement counseling to aid you to optimal health. It takes a bit of detective eyes to be able to study your history, analyze, ask you questions, listen to your needs, and finally help.

I am familiar with waking up and not feeling well trying to struggle during the day and being afraid of what to eat because of food intake. When you tried everything conventional and still have had no abdominal relief it can certainly make you feel lonely and not understood. You are not alone. Ask me how I can help.

I have passion for nutrition and vast knowledge in its field.  I take on each client with compassion, joy, and an open heart to work on their needs.  I worked in conventional healthcare for 21 years and continue to do so, been a business consultant for small businesses, owned a laboratory and café, and am a wonderful mother of three beautiful children.  My journey in life and passion was always nutrition so I ventured on my own to seek its knowledge and graduated from MUIH Master’s in Science and Integrative health.  During my internship at MUIH I worked with Joy Wellness, Baltimore MD and Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in Catonsville and learned a strong foundation about various nutritional needs.  My passion is people and their well-being, so I come to you with an open mind and knowledge to guide you to where you need my expert advice in your moment of life today.  Reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

I am a Veteran of the US Navy.  I enjoy research and learning about updated information in the nutrition world.  I love traveling, soccer, reading, music, and cooking.  I have two wonderful dogs and a supportive partner to whom I dedicate the last three years to for he is my rock.  Let my mission to nutrition help you.

Program of Graduation

Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health

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