Updated: January 28th, 2022

How does PCE benefit the student and bolster a health professional’s career?

PCE offers the opportunity for learners to earn continuing education credits (CEUs), certificates, certifications and necessary skills and information to remain current in their profession. The field of complementary and integrative health is rapidly accelerating, so lifelong learning is a critical aspect to invest in to be effective and successful as practitioners to serve your clients and patients in the best way possible.

PCE can also help you grow your practice and establish yourself as a leader in the field through our advanced mentorship programs and by taking our research courses and business development courses. PCE provides an opportunity to specialize your knowledge and credentials, which can allow you to tailor your practice to a specific audience or condition in addition to being more effective as a general practitioner. Essentially, PCE allows you to create your own learning path as an integrative health professional, which is what makes PCE useful resource as you progress in your career trajectory. I don’t know about you, but I find this extremely exciting!

Once you become part of the MUIH community as a student, we’re dedicated to support you with lifelong learning opportunities!

PCE offers online courses, onsite workshops and events.  View all of our current offerings at www.muih.edu/ce.

Need CEUs now?  Check out our online offerings at https://ce.muih.edu.

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