Advisor and Department Chair Contacts

Plans of Study

The Advisor and Advisee Relationship

Role of Advisor

Academic Advisors at MUIH work collaboratively with students as they pursue their academic and professional goals. Students and advisors discuss academic progress, set goals, explore challenges, and develop plans for success in and empowering and supportive environment. Advising is a shared responsibility between advisors and students; however, the ultimate responsibility for successful degree completion rests with the student. Our online students receive the same academic advising services as are provide at our physical campus. Our services include:

  • Course scheduling and mapping
  • Academic action plans
  • Academic standing and progress monitoring
  • Understanding and helping to explain academic policies
  • Voluntary break in enrollment holds
  • Referrals and connecting to University resources

Students are not required to work with an advisor each term, but we strongly encourage them to contact an advisor each term to make sure they are on path to timely degree completion. We are here to help our students complete their degree and meet educational goals

Expectations of Advisors

You can expect your Academic Advisor to:

  • Have access to your MUIH academic record, current registration, curriculum requirements and plan of study
  • Assist you in understanding university policy and procedure and degree completion requirements
  • Provide information, resources, and support based on each individual student’s situation and needs
  • Create a safe, positive environment in which you are treated with respect and are free to explore personal, academic, and career goals
  • Support and guide you in the development of decision-making and self-evaluation skills
  • Connect you with appropriate MUIH resources, offices, faculty, and staff to provide additional assistance

Expectations of Students

Your Academic Advisor can expect students to:

  • Assume responsibility for decisions, actions, and educational journey
  • Know the requirements for your program
  • Understand your plan of study and pre-requisites
  • Be aware of key academic timelines and deadlines
  • Be prepared for your advising appointment. Have your Plan of Study, courses you are intending to take, and any other materials relevant to your advising appointment
  • Check your MUIH email account on a regular basis so you are aware of important information, updates, and deadlines
  • Carefully read all MUIH advising emails and respond when necessary
  • Ask for assistance if you get off track in a course or with your Plan of Study

Trimester Timeline