A Deep Well of Resources

The Sherman Cohn Library contains a wealth of carefully selected materials from small presses and mainstream publications in support of the innovative academic programs offered at Maryland University of Integrative Health. The library is open to the public, current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Visit us and learn which of our thousands of titles can assist with your scholarly needs, your personal growth and well-being, and the promotion of health and wellness in your family, workplace, or community.

Access Resources

Links to all of our resources are accessible from the library’s Research Tools page.

The Heart of the Collection

As part of a values-driven university, our library collection is rich in resources about myriad healing systems, mindfulness, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and other related topics that support our students and patrons on their journey toward professional and personal transformation.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture styles such as five element, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more are represented in the collection along with Chinese herbal materia medica. Additional media covers tuina techniques, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure, and related body work.

Health Promotion and Health and Wellness Coaching

This collection contains material about coaching, leadership, health literacy, motivational techniques, change management, health education, public health, psychology, and sociology.

Herbal Medicine

Boasting the James Duke collection and a wide array of herbal materia medica from cultures across North America and around the world, our rich collection of materials is among the finest on the East Coast.

Integrative Health Studies

This collection includes access to journals and articles across multiple complementary health approaches along with Integrative Health focused journals. 


Works in support of this program include standard nutrition journals with access to additional articles through our EBSCO databases such as Food Science Source. Material on the healing properties of food, health conditions, and recipes are a highlight of this collection.

Yoga Therapy

As yoga therapy is such a new field, this program is currently best served by contemporary articles from our EBSCO databases. We continue to grow our media on yoga and ayurveda in close coordination with the yoga therapy program faculty.