Are you:

  • Planning to apply and enroll in one of our academic programs in the future?
  • Eager to get a start on your graduate degree or certificate program?
  • Deciding if Maryland University of Integrative Health is the right fit for you?
  • Curious about integrative health and want an effectiveness-based, relationship-centered academic experience?
  • Hungry for a course that can stimulate your intellect, challenge your assumptions, and enhance your well-being?

If so, this is your opportunity to access our academic experience without officially enrolling in a program.

Every trimester, our academic directors choose courses from each of our degree and certificate programs to make available to you for exploration and participation as Non-Degree Courses.

When you take one of these courses, you become a valued member of our academic community. You join a group of bright and committed students and have full access to our outstanding faculty, library, and other learning resources. Most courses are offered on weekends and can accommodate those who travel to attend.

If you are eager to learn and want a low-risk, high-return experience, here are some options for your next steps:


See a list of currently available Non-Degree Courses using our online Course Schedule. To find them, choose “Courses for Advanced Special Standing” under Program and click Apply. These are updated each trimester, so check back periodically. Tuition varies by course and credits – see the tuition page for details.

View a list of our Spring 2021 Non-Degree Courses

View a list of our Summer 2021 Non-Degree Courses

Apply and Register

    1. Access the Non-Degree Courses application on our application page.
    2. Complete the registration form included in the application, indicating the courses that you have selected. If the course(s) you wish to register for have prerequisites associated with them, please be sure you meet these requirements prior to submission.
    3. Submit your application, including the course registration form, with a copy of your Bachelor’s degree transcript (can be unofficial) to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Non-Degree Courses Policies

Non-Degree Courses are for students who are not officially enrolled in an academic program. An individual may complete a maximum of nine credits total of Non-Degree Courses. Upon completion of nine credits, students must either be admitted as a degree-seeking student at Maryland University of Integrative Health, or submit a letter of appeal to the Office of Graduate Admissions to continue enrolling in individual courses.

The Advanced Special Student application and accompanying documents must be submitted and approved by the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to the start of the trimester.

Learn More

For more information about our Non-Degree Courses and the registration process, or for help with planning your academic experience, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at or 410-888-9048 ext. 6647.