The Career Center provides career and job search counseling, as well as access to potential employers.

Academic programs provide the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in particular fields.

Faculty mentors bring real-world experience to classes and engagement with students, as they themselves are active practitioners in their professions.

MUIH’s Natural Care Center and Herbal Dispensary, as well as the Jim Duke Farm, provide students with onsite opportunities to hone their professional skills through clinical and field experiences.

Academic partnerships established between MUIH and other organizations provide external clinical, internship, and practicum sites for students.

Academic advisors guide students to programs, courses, and activities that best align with their unique interests and goals.

Professional and continuing education opportunities provide students, alumni, and others to refine and acquire new knowledge and skills beyond the completion of their degree program.

Alumni Affairs provides ongoing professional and networking opportunities to MUIH graduates.

The Career Services Advisory Committee identifies and coordinates career and professional activities and services across the University.