Who can get MUIH Alerts?

The MUIH Alerts service notifies students, faculty, staff, and other members of the University community of an imminent threat on campus and/or the proximate areas. Since MUIH Alerts requires an MUIH NetID, parents and non-University affiliated individuals cannot manage an account; however, students and employees can add additional contacts to their account.

Why should I sign up for MUIH Alerts via text?

Accurate information about impending or actual threats or emergencies can help you make good decisions to stay safe.  It is always good practice to sign up for redundant messaging. Text messages and emails will often get through in emergency situations even when phone calls will not. While the delivery time is dependent on your carrier processing the message, you will most likely receive these messages within seconds of transmission.

I only want to receive text Alerts. Can I opt out of email Alerts?

You can opt-in or opt-out of texts, but cannot opt-out of email. This is the University’s way to ensure that all members of our community receive quick and accurate information in an emergency. 

Will my mobile phone number be kept confidential?
Yes. MUIH Alerts service mobile phone numbers are never shared or sold.

How many MUIH Alerts text messages will I receive?
The exact number of MUIH Alerts messages is difficult to predict, but the intention is to alert you only to emergency situations where there is an imminent threat to public safety. Occasionally, we will test the system, but will always notify you by email first. 

What do I need to get MUIH SMS Alerts and how much does it cost?
All you need is a mobile phone with text messaging capabilities. There is no charge to subscribers for signing up. Individual mobile phone plans will apply normal charges for the text message.

Note: All landlines, most Tracfones, and some pay-as-you-go phones will not register on the MUIH Alerts system. This is a limitation of the phone providers.

What if I change my mobile phone service provider or my mobile phone number?
When you change mobile phone providers but keep your existing mobile number, it is considered “ported.” Depending on the mobile phone provider, it may take up to 30 days for the MUIH Alerts system to be updated. During the “ported” time period, you may not receive alerts because the alerts are sent to the old mobile provider, which may not forward them. You will find details on how to solve this problem and immediately register your new service provider when you login to review your account information.

If your mobile phone number changes, you will need to login to MUIH Alerts and update your account information. From the Services page, you can edit or delete existing phone numbers and email addresses.

How can I update my account?
Go to the MUIH Alerts login and from the Services page, edit or delete existing phone numbers and email addresses.

What if I do not enter the 4-digit validation code?
If you do not enter the 4-digit validation code, an account is created but you will not receive alerts. To receive alerts, you must login and complete the validation process.

What if I do not receive the 4-digit validation code?
If you do not receive the 4-digit validation code, contact your mobile phone service provider to verify that text capability is activated on your plan. If you have verified that text capability is activated on your plan, then contact  and provide them with your mobile phone number and service provider. Indicate you want to register in the MUIH Alerts system. An Omnilert technical support representative will assist you with the validation process.

What will the MUIH Alerts tell me?
A short text message will state the type of threat and indicate suggested action.

What if my phone is turned off?

If your mobile phone is turned off when a text message is sent, you will receive it after you turn your mobile phone on, but only if you do so within seven days from the original transmission.

An important reminder: The MUIH Alerts text messaging service is just one of the methods the University will use to communicate emergency information. [Link to Safety and Security page] All available forms of communication will be used to convey needed information to the University community.

For assistance with validating a mobile phone number, email your mobile phone number and the name of your service provider to . Indicate you want to register in the MUIH Alerts system.