Congratulations and welcome to the MUIH community!

On behalf of all MUIH faculty, staff, and students, the Office of Graduate Admissions would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students. We are looking forward to getting to know you as you become part of our community. This page is designed to give you some helpful information as you continue your journey at MUIH.

For more information regarding campus changes due to COVID-19, please review our Coronavirus Update page.

Your MUIH email should be checked regularly as this is where all official communication from the University will be sent. In accordance with FERPA guidance, please know that our faculty and staff are unable to communicate with you through your personal e-mail. We want to ensure that your privacy is protected.

Step 1: Finance Your Education

We know that financing your education is important. Please take your time to review the information below to find out how you can apply for scholarships, grants, and financial aid – as well as how you can make tuition payments.

Institutional Scholarships/Fellowships and Grants

Federal Work-Study

Tuition & Fees

How to Make a Tuition Payment

Finding a Job Off-Campus

Financial Wellness by iGrad

Step 2: Review Important Dates

Each trimester has its own unique and important deadlines. Please sure to stay up to date with the Academic Calendar.
Academic Calendar

Step 3: Get Acquainted with Your MUIH Technology Tools

As a new student at MUIH, it is recommended that you review the resources below to provide a brief overview of the different technology systems used by MUIH. They will help you learn how to access frequently used tools and information you will need to be successful throughout your time as a student. Find a full list of resources for starting your online schooling here.

Essential Tech Tool Guide
Online Learning Guide

Step 4: Understand Your Courses

Each program has its own unique coursework. Take some time to review your plan of study (otherwise known as required courses) to understand what courses you will take and when they should be taken.

As a general rule, students should expect to spend a total of 45 hours of time per credit over the length of the course, regardless of the number of weeks in which the course is scheduled to occur. For example, students should expect to spend approximately 9.5 hours per week for a 3-credit course that runs for 14 weeks, whereas the same course scheduled to run for 7 weeks requires 19 hours per week. Generally speaking, online courses are designed to be approximately 9 hours of work per week.

To determine how much time you will need to plan for each of your courses, use this basic formula: multiple the number of course credits by 45 hours, then divide by the number of weeks the course is scheduled to run. This will tell you how much time you need to set aside per week for each course.

Students who are taking multiple classes are encouraged to consider and plan the time needed for each course, especially when their courses overlap during the trimester. For example, if you take a 3-credit course (14 weeks) and a 1.5-credit course (7 weeks) in a term, you will spend approximately 18 hours per week between participating in your courses, completing assignments, and studying, during the 7 weeks that both courses are running. You will spend approximately 9 hours per week during the 7 weeks that only the 3-credit course is running.

Access Your Plan of Study
Course Schedule 

Step 5: Register for Courses

The official registration period for each trimester begins at different times in the calendar year. Please make sure to review the instructions below for more information. Students registered for classes will have access to their courses, course materials and syllabi one week prior to the official start date of each course.

Registration Instructions
Student Data Portal

Step 6: Order Books

Step 7: Familiarize yourself with University Policy

Being a student at Maryland University of Integrative Health means you are a part of a community that appreciates academic integrity and a high standard for learning. Please review the university’s student policies for more information

Academic Catalog 


Grading Policy

Safety and Security

Student Policies, Forms and Handbooks 

Step 8: Request Your Student ID

Step 9: Create Your Library Account

The Sherman Cohn Library on campus houses many physical resource books, as well as staff to help with research. Resources can also be found online to supplement online study. Get ready for the start of your first class with taking these steps:

a. Create your library account here.

b. Become acquainted and get started using the library here. (You will need your MUIH email account and password to login to this Canvas site.)

c. Review all of our resources that are accessible from the library’s Research Tools page.

Step 10: Partner with the Student Support Center

Learn how MUIH can support your goals inside and outside the classroom. The resource linked below includes how to register with Disability Services.

Student Support Center Resource

Step 11: Participate in MUIH Orientation Courses

Three weeks prior to the start of each term, students may register and complete MUIH 500 and MUIH 550. These zero-credit, self-paced courses are vital resources to learning about tools at MUIH and to getting acquainted with your new MUIH family. You may register for these courses by logging into your MUIH Data Portal. For more information about these courses, please visit the registration instructions page.

Registration Instructions

Utilize Professional Development

It’s never too early to start planning your path to success! Check out the Career Services Office online career opportunity portal.

Day 1 Ready? Checklists & Steps

We know you are excited to take you next step here at MUIH! To make your transition smooth, we have provided a printable checklist to assist you with the important steps to success. We call this being “Day 1 Ready!” Good luck and congratulations!

Trimester Preparation Checklist

Have Additional Questions?

Soon after confirming your acceptance you will be contacted by your Academic and Career Advisor. Please be on the lookout for that email. If you have not yet connected with your Academic and Career Advisor and have questions, please use the following email addresses: