Our Academic Success Services

Writing Support

The Office of Academic Success and our Library staff work in partnership to identify tools and resources to assist students with developing writing and research skills. Our NetTutor Writing Program is designed to address specified writing learning challenges, promote active learning, support the development of self-regulated learning skills, and improve student self-efficacy through a structured learning partnership between the student, faculty, and the Office of Academic Success. Students who are interested in this service should contact . Students also have access to a free Premium Grammarly account which can be accessed through the Student Affairs Canvas Community Site.

On-Line Tutoring

The University offers free online tutoring for organic chemistry, physiology and research literacy. Students can request this service through . Upon receipt of this request, a member of our team meets with the student by phone or in person to discuss their needs, provide strategies and information to reduce barriers to success, and enroll them in this free program that they can access in Canvas.

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