MUIH’s Health Equity Speaker Series is designed to highlight community-based models across the U.S. that work to address health disparities and promote health equity. The goals of the series are to 1) broaden the awareness of MUIH students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external audiences of a diverse range of community-based models that address health disparities, 2) inform MUIH’s curriculum, student and alumni career services, and clinical models and services, 3) increase understanding of the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to develop these models and optimally serve their intended community, and 4) increase integrative health and conventional health care professionals’ understanding of the intersection and opportunities for their respective professions in these models.

Fairness First Campaign (November 2022)

This webinar featured the Fairness First Campaign (FFC), a communication initiative funded by the Southwest Health Equity Research Collaborative (SHERC) at Northern Arizona University. The FFC takes a health promotion and community health approach to address health equity and health disparities. Its efforts are dedicated to building awareness among health equity researchers and the non-research community about what health equity is and what health equity research can look like. The FFC recognizes that health equity and justice cannot be achieved without the meaningful inclusion of diverse community perspectives on health. It is designed to be a welcoming platform where community members across the Southwest and researchers can connect and engage in inclusive and meaningful conversations about health equity, fairness, and justice, and exchange ideas to inform a collective journey towards health equity. To view the recording of this webinar, visit MUIH’s YouTube Channel.

Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Service (February 2022)

This webinar featured the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. 11th Street’s mission is to provide quality, comprehensive health services with special attention to vulnerable people and residents of public housing units in the 11th Street Corridor in Philadelphia. This nurse-managed community-based care center has been recognized as a national model of innovative care by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the American Academy of Nursing. 11th Street uses a transdisciplinary approach to deliver primary care, behavioral health, dental services, and health and wellness programs through a single point of access that addresses the physiological and psycho-social aspects of the person and family. To view the recording of this webinar, visit MUIH’s YouTube Channel.

Sankofa Health Center (January 2022)

This webinar featured the Sankofa Health Center in Laurel, MD. Sankofa Health is a community-focused health center providing inclusive and culturally responsive healthcare services including primary care, women’s health, diabetes management, nutrition counseling, and doula services. With a focus on community health Sankofa strives for inclusivity by creating an environment that understands and can treat a diverse population of people. Sankofa’s holistic approach to medicine incorporates traditional medicine along with yoga, meditation, and therapy to give patients the tools needed for a healthier lifestyle. To view the recording of this webinar, visit MUIH’s YouTube Channel.