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Managing Your Account

All members of the University community with valid MUIH email addresses are automatically enrolled in MUIH Alerts to receive an emergency email when the University issues an alert. Students, faculty, and staff can manage their accounts at any time to register additional email addresses and mobile phone numbers for text-based alerts. This enhancement of MUIH’s Alerts email is part of the University’s commitment to provide quick and accurate information to our community in an emergency.

MUIH Alerts notifies subscribers via registered mobile phone numbers and email addresses when the University population faces imminent threat from a hazard. Since MUIH Alerts requires an MUIH NetID (a NetID is your username and password combination which allows access to University services, such as Office 365 email and MyMUIH), only students and employees can manage their accounts.

Adding Additional Contacts to Your Account

All members of the University community can easily add additional contacts, including spouses, children, parents, etc., to their accounts. See the instructions below on adding an additional mobile phone number and email addresses to the account.

Adding or Removing Mobile Phone Numbers and Additional Email Addresses

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the MUIH Alerts login.
  2. On the Services page, you will see a field for adding a mobile phone number and another field for adding email addresses. Remember that all the phone numbers and email addresses you submit will need to be validated (see below). If you do not finish the validation process, you will not receive emergency text messages and email.


Once you have registered a mobile phone or email address, you must validate the information. If you are registering someone else, you must work with them to complete this step.

  1. Go to the MUIH Alerts login.
  2. On the Services page, you will see the status of the mobile phone numbers and email addresses you have submitted. If the status says Unvalidated, follow the instructions on the webpage to finish the validation process.
    1. When you are validating a mobile phone, a 4-digit number is sent to that mobile phone in the form of a text message. You will need to have that mobile phone available so that you can type the 4-digit code into the Web form. Upon doing this the mobile phone number will be validated.
    2. When you are validating an email address, a link is sent to that address. When the link in the email message is clicked, that email address will be validated.


  • Your mobile phone must be capable of receiving text messages and your mobile phone service plan must support receiving them. If you are unsure, please check with your mobile phone service provider.
  • You must have your mobile phone with you during signup. The registration process will require you to validate your account by entering a 4-digit verification code in the “Create New Subscriber Account” Web form. This 4-digit code will be sent to your mobile phone within seconds of creating an account.

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